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We stan Zamaya! – Isithembiso

16 April 2019
Out with the old, in with the new...and we're here for it.
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Now that Simi and Zamani are over...we hate to admit that Zamani and Ayanda look so cute together. We know, it's a bit of a sticky situation and it has alot of people in their feels, but we give you 4 reasons why we're here for #Zamaya: 

1. Zamani shoots his shot outside of Simi 

1555416985 34 screen shot 2019 04 16 at 14.12.40
Talking feelings

We love to see Zamani brave up and go outside his comfort zone, he hasn't had to impress anyone for years. We loved to see him grovel and fight for something!

2. Chemistry loaded

These two have a natural chemistry that we just haven't seen in so long! We just love the way Zamani looks at her.  New love and honeymoon phase is there best time of any relationship. 

1555354001 34 screen shot 2019 04 05 at 15.41.50
New love

3. They just want to be together!

As selfish as it may seem, Zamani and Ayanda are listening to their heart and we can't hate on that. No matter what peope may say, Ayanda is ready to proclaim her love for Zamani. 

1555354855 34 screen shot 2019 04 15 at 17.07.43

4. We love all the drama!

We love just how controversial this relationship is, with Ayanda sharing a bed with Simi it's only bound to bring us more drama. After all, students are all have their fair share of drama.

1555416463 34 screen shot 2019 04 16 at 14.06.46
Sne confronts Zamaya

We understand why so many people loyal to Simi would be in their feelings, but we want to give #Zamaya a chance to flourish or sink at the pressure! Tune into Isithembiso weekdays at 7:30 pm to see how it all goes down! Join in the conversation using the #IsithembisoMzansi!