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Twitterview with Isithembiso's Kandy

06 May 2019
Farieda hangs out with Mzansi on these twitter streets!
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Farieda hangs out with Mzansi on these twitter streets! 

We all know Farieda, the feisty and talented actress that transforms into our ever controversial and lovable Kandy. Her character has recently been through the most with the abortion storyline.

A young student who foolishly falls in love with her sugar daddy, enjoying the perks of dating an older married man such as trips to Balito and very expensive clothes. However things take a turn when she finds out she's pregnant.

‘Malume bae’ demands her to abort it and amongst all the confusion, her mom ditches her too. This led to some very heated debates, with herself and friends around abortion.

Was it the right thing to do? What is the right way to do it? We witnessed her journey through her tears, chest pains, confusion and resentment. After much research, she consulted a legal doctor and she made the choice to get a legal abortion.

This decision certainly divided Twitter but the one thing we could all agree on, was how Farieda slayed the role. Kandy’s story is so important and relevant that we had to chat to Farieda…and invite viewers to be a part of it.

We hung out with the actress, YouTube sensation and presenter for an entire hour and she gave us life. This is how it all went down: 

1. You’re a presenter, a voice over artist and an actress. Your YouTube channel also has over 300 000 views! How do you balance it all? 

2. When did you realise the power and impact that social media would have on your career?

3. You started off behind the scenes as a production manager, any chance you might sit in the directors/producer’s chair in future?

4. What advice would you give young people who want to be where you are? Can you give three awesome tips that that will sustain them?

5. Your character on IsithembisoMzansi, Kandy has evolved so much, how did you prepare for the abortion storyline?

6. What was the most challenging thing about playing a young girl whose life turned upside down after a positive pregnancy test?

7. What’s the best thing about working with young people and telling stories that young people can relate to?

8. Can you sign us off with a skit? We absolutely love your sense of humour!

It didn't end there! Farieda was gracious enough to answer all of your questions too! The AskPharoahfi hashtag even got us trending! Check out your tweets and her reponses here;

If we missed any of your tweets, you can always check out the responses using the AskPharoahfi hashtag!  You might also like:

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