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How to lose a husband in 6 weeks – Isifiso

08 August 2022
Bazo is a heartbreaking record-breaker. Here is how she shook off a clingy Mhlengi in just a few weeks.
how to lose a husband isifiso article

Bazothini is a law unto herself. Perhaps the only person she may listen to is her mother who is just as ruthless as she is. Killing her sister takes the cup in the list of deadly sins she has committed but her but the dexterity she has shown in getting rid of her husband of many years, leaving him heartbroken and lost, deserves honorable mention as a deadly sin.

Here is how she managed to get lose the world’s clingiest husband in just a 6 weeks.

  1. She got rid of her sister

The green in Bazothini’s eyes every time her sister was in the room could not be missed. Bazothini wanted Nobuhle’s life and in their final conversation, she was not afraid to admit it. We thought that would be as far as she would go but just a few seconds after the admission, Bazothini had pushed her sister down a flight of stairs to her death and so her deadly plan began.

Here's the gotcha: Her husband Mhlengi saw the whole murder and it seems it is a secret he will take to his grave with all the love he has for his wife.

  1. She quickly moved into her late sister’s house

Many people would be afraid to move into the house of the person they murdered in cold blood for fear of being tormented by the ghost of the deceased. Not Bazothini. She skipped past the funeral arrangements and Nobuhle’s funeral seemingly caught up in a depressive guilt but the day after the funeral she was making breakfast in her late sister’s house.

Mhlengi was not pleased about this and begged her to stay but his cries and pleads fell on deaf ears.

  1. She took their son with her to her late sister’s home

Who could forget when Bazothini told Mhlengi why she wanted their son, Sicelo to grow up with her in her late sister’s mansion? She said she wanted him to have white friends named “Trevor”.

Once again Mhlengi begged and pleaded but it was never enough to stop Bazothini’s plan to replace her sister and live her soft life.

  1. She paid back his lobola

Listen, if getting rid of a husband of many years is an art, then Bazothini has just painted her masterpiece. When Mhlengi decided to follow her into the mansion and get a job from Bazothini’s grieving brother-in-law, it was the last straw. Bazothini was not going to tolerate Mhlengi and his incessant begging and following her around like a lovesick puppy. She and her mother called a meeting and paid him back R3000 for the cow he had paid as lobola all those years back and they also gave him a R200 bonus.

Divorce and settlement concluded.

  1. Make moves on your late sister’s husband

Some of the things that plagued Mhlengi the most was thoughts of Bazothini in the arms of her grieving brother-in-law, comforting with hugs and kisses and he was not wrong to be jealous and worry. With Mhlengi out of the way, Bazothini wasted no time telling Math’amahle’s that her marriage was over and then swiftly making moves to seduce him. If Julia had not walked in and stopped them, Bazothini would have woken up in her late sisters’ bed next to her late sister’s husband.

  1. Her mother helped her do all the dirty work

Bazothini could not have achieved everything she has in working her way into the life her late sister left behind if it wasn’t for her mother’s eagerness to help.

When Bazothini needed to get Julia to back off, her mother dealt with Julia swiftly.

When Bazothini needed a family meeting to officially get rid of Mhlengi, her mother was quick to pay back the lobola of R3200.

Bazothini’s plan is still underway and who knows if she will eventually be successful in taking over her sister’s life and becoming the new lady of Math’amahle’s house. To find out just how far the bad sis will go, tune into #Isifiso every Monday at 20:00.