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War is coming – Isibaya

18 February 2021
Bhubesini is about to go up in gun smoke and it’s because of a few misunderstandings.
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If the recent gun fights that took place in eBhubesini are anything to go by, a war is brewing in the valley.

The Zungus are on the search for Melusi who has been kidnapped by the Ngwenya camp. However, because of the decade-long bad blood between them, the Zungus think Melusi has been kidnapped by the Gatshenis.

It didn’t take much convincing for Mpihlangene to plant the idea that the Gatshenis had taken Melusi as revenge for him burning their taxis, in Mkabayi’s head. Mkabayi being the hothead she is also did not waste any time sending men to attack the Gatshenis and bring Melusi home. But how can they bring him back when they have gone in guns blazing looking for him in the wrong place?

The Gatshenis are also in the mist of a two wars of their own outside of the one their in-laws have started with them. They are at war with Dabula, who has taken Beyonce to Emarondweni. They are also at war with the Sibiyas who want their land to build their coal mine.

Can they handle a third war against their biggest enemy, the Zungus?

With everyone fighting each other in the valley it is hard to say who will be left at the end of the blood bath. The Zungus are killing the Gatshenis, the Gatshenis are killing the Ngubanes and the Sibiyas, and somewhere in the middle of it all are the Ngwenyas. When the truth comes out there will be little time for forgiveness because it may come too late.

Do you think there is anyway to stop the war in eBhubesini? Or is this the end?

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