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Walking straight into the lion’s den – Isibaya

12 September 2019
Ruthless MK now has the upper hand.
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Does MK have a lucky streak or what!? I mean, look at how both situations with Iris and Mabuyi presented the perfect ammunition against Qaphela and the Zungu’s.  

Now, Qaphela and the Zungu’s are in a tight spot, many lives are in danger, all because Iris and Mabuyi thought they could fix one tiny problem that has something to do with to MK.

We kind of get how Iris would face MK and try to return the money he tends to think Qaphela “stole” from him, but we can’t quite get how Mabuyi got the courage to face him like that.

Here’s what we know about Iris and Mabuyi:  


She’s a businesswoman, a good one too. She’s a sophisticated woman, a go-getter who believes anything a man can do, a woman can do too. It’s no surprise that she fearlessly approached MK at his club and returned the money he tends the think Qaphela “stole” from him.    


She just moved to Johannesburg, from eBhubesini and learning her way around the big city, chasing her dreams. She’s outspoken, but still very respectful. It was quite the shocker to see her facing MK and telling him to leave Qaphela alone! Tjo!

What could have gotten into Mabuyi, for her to speak to a dangerous man like MK like that, in his territory even? Here’s what Twitter thinks:

Tjo! Now, everybody is in danger! We certainly hope Jabu and Qaphela will quickly think of something to get everybody out of MK's club safely.  


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