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Vava Voom gets her groove back – Isibaya

13 December 2019
She celebrates her 60th birthday by going bungee jumping.
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A few weeks ago, Lilian was down in the dumps about turning 60 years, not knowing her birthday would actually turn out to be a blast!

First, she was totally against celebrating her birthday and was a little dramatic when she found out the Ngwenya’s were planning something special for her. “How can you celebrate getting closer to your death?” she asked before storming off. Twitter couldn’t help but LOL.  

Then, she loosened up a little after Beauty convinced her to join her for a gym session this week. When that didn’t go as planned, Beauty organised a private gym instructor and it’s the same instructor that “planted” the bungee jumping idea into Lilian’s mind.

Next thing Dam-Dam found himself roped in as her bungee jumping partner and he tried everything he could to wiggle his way out of it, but she wouldn’t let him! Our favourite couple jumped off the Soweto towers, one after the other and they had a blast. Happy Birthday Vava! Here’s to health, wealth and many more years!


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