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Top 5 most memorable Judas Ngwenya moments – isibaya

15 March 2021
We pay tribute to legendary actor Menzi Ngubane by taking a look at some of his best work as Judas Ngwenya on Isibaya.

Who could forget the tyranny and terror of Judas Ngwenya. Menzi Nguban brought to life one of Isibaya's greatest villains and we will never forget the goosebumps we would get whenever Ngwenya was working on one of his schemes. 

To celebrate the extraordinary life and amazing work of Menzi Ngubane we take a look at five of his most amazing portrayals of Judas Ngwenya: 

1. When he apologised to Qaphela

We never thought we would see the day when Judas, the dictator and manipulative disciplinarian, would ever apologise to his son, Qaphela. Judas has been compared many times to his nemesis, Mpiyakhe Zungu but one thing he will always have over him is that he apologised to his son, Qaphela when he knew he was wrong. 

2. The many faces of Judas Ngwenya

When the Zungus and police were hot on Judas' heels, he had to put on a pair of heels, literally to disguise himself. Who could ever forget all the many disguises Judas wore to throw them off his trail. A testament to Menzi Ngubane's work that he was able to bring to life both the Judas character and the character of his many disguises. 

Judas as Judith

Professor Judas

Judas the old man

3. When he staged a hostile hospital hostage takeover to save Beauty

If there wa one thing about Judas, he loved his wife dearly. There was no way he would run away and leave her behind. If ride or die was a couple, it would be Judas and Beauty. It was nothing short of amazing to watch Menzi Ngubane acting out the thrill and arroagnce of Judas taking over the hospital where Beauty was a patient to save his wife. 

4. When he accepted defeat and said goodbye to his son and wife

No could have seen it coming, it was the biggest twist in Isibaya season 7 that Judas would be killed by his own son Qaphela who was trying to save Sibongile and Sbu. Those last moments will be forever unforgettable. 

5. Prison break

Bonnie and Clyda have got nothing on Judas and Beauty. One of our favourite moments is their incredible prison break. 

Mzansi was blessed to have seen a talent as amazing and dedicated as Menzi Ngubane. Hamba kahle Somahhashi. 

If you want to watch Menzi Ngubane's amazing work on #ISIBAYA season 4 - 7, just go to Showmax and relive his magic. 

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