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Three times S’khaleni made us proud – Isibaya

04 October 2019
Which moment goes down as your favourite?

He literally ruins almost everything he touches but lately, S’khaleni has been getting it right and we couldn’t be prouder.

S’khaleni is one of a kind. Mzansi seems to think he comes across as stubborn and uncoordinated at times:      


Be that as it may, here’s three times he made his wife Pam, and us proud:  

  1. When he filed his TaxiApp application:

First, he stole customers from Mavili. Then took things up a notch by pulling out his gun when Mavili caught him red-handed! Yoh, Pam almost strangled him that day. He finally did the right thing though by filing his TaxiApp application.   


  1. When he humbled himself and apologized to Mavili:

If ever in your life you wait for a proper apology from S’khaleni, we’re afraid you might have to wait a while. S’khaleni, wrong? Never! LOL! We were happy to see him and Mavili bury the hatchet after that whole gun-wielding incident.   


  1. When he saved his customers from angry the metre-taxi drivers:

S’khaleni should have known better than to drop off customers at other driver’s turf though. I mean, that small altercation with one of the metre-taxi drivers the other day was enough warning. Then, he goes and does it again and puts the lives of his customers in danger! Luckily, his gun-pulling stunt saved the day this time.

S’khaleni has become a hero overnight. Even Shadrack is pleased with him. But you just never know with him! Those metre-taxi drivers were not happy at all. Was that the last we saw of them when they ran for cover, after S’khaleni pulled out his gun and fired a warning shot?


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