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That kuyabekezelwa kinda love – Isibaya

16 November 2020
Dabula and Ntwenhle have caused each other much pain and suffering before and within their marriage, but it seems they are finally getting it together.
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To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, forsaking all others until death do us part– these are the vows married couples say to each other when getting married. Newlyweds barely expect to go through all this in the first few years of marriage but it seems Dabula and Ntwenhle have seen all this and can add “through prison weddings and getting you arrested, in and out of jail, ducking bullets, enemies and side plates” to their vows.

They truly have been through a lot and yet somehow, they find a way to forgive each other and find each other again.

We were sure the lovebirds’ marriage was over when Dabula was still in prison and Ntwenhle had an affair with Jabulani Zungu. Dabula was then released and the Gatshenis managed to force Jabu back into drugs and alcohol again, but Ntwenhle still chose Jabu over Dabula.

It seemed the recipe for a divorce but when Dabula loves, he loves hard. And he also seems to subscribe to the words ”Kuyabekezelwa emshadweni”. He held onto to Ntwenhle, being patient in courting her again, pushed her hand a few times like when he took her daughter but in the end it also seemed to work out from them.

No without a little help from Sihle. The new flame in Dabula’s life and old problem-queen of eBhubesini poisoned Dabula and Ntwenhle’s daughter, Beyonce, a move that should have separated the Chief and his Queen but  instead has seemed to bring them closer.

Can Ntwenhle finally have the love and family she dreams of? Or will her chance at love with Dabula be stripped from her again?