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Sbu’s dilemma – Isibaya

09 November 2020
To choose Siza or Mabuyi: Sbu is in a love-pickle.
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Who knew Sbu would find love after Thandeka’s death, and love in such abundance. Our favourite Isibaya husband watched the love of his life die in his hands and it seemed he would never be able to heal again.

Enter Siza…and Mabuyi:

Siza is the new girl on the valley ruffling everyone’s feathers as she tries to give her father the mine he wants in eBhubesini. It was a tall order, especially given how much the people of eBhubesini fight for their land but everything was finally on track for Siza after Chief Dabula was released from prison.

There was just one small problem, she fell in love with Sbusiso Ndlovu, who is owner of a portion of the land she wants to have the mine on and also the “most beautiful person” she had ever met.

Siza’s father is full of tricks and corruption but after falling for Sbu, Siza has had a change of heart from being a ruthless businesswoman to dreaming of being the next Mrs Ndlovu.

Mabuyi on the other hand is a childhood love of Sbusiso’s. When they were kids, they promised to love each other forever but the love Sbu had for Thandeka made his childhood promises to Mabuyi mere sweet nothings. Mabuy had to play second fiddle to Thandeka, almost becoming his second wife and mother of his first child, but it was just not meant to be… then.

Now, with Thandeka out of the picture and her old love Duma also missing in action, Mabuyi sees a chance for her to finally be with the man she has always loved. The only problem is that once again, Mabuyi finds herself having to compete for Sbu’s heart. Can she ever have him totally to herself? Will there always be someone else she has to watch out for?

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