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Saving Sengwayo – Isibaya

30 May 2019
How the Zungu wives can keep the same spirit of friendship, even if Sengwayo is set free.

The road to getting Sibongile from MaMkhize to Mrs Zungu has not been easy. From cut up dresses to kidnappings, the toughest part of the journey was getting Siphokazi and Phumelele to accept that their husband wanted to take her as a third wife. Phumelele out right refused to accept the new wife making things impossible for her within the family, even after the wedding.

However, Sengwayo’s arrest means the wives have to band together as the only members of the Zungu family who still have their freedom. Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship between the wives or will it only last as long as Sengwayo is in prison?

Here’s a few things we think need to happen for the wives to get along with or without Sengwayo:

  1. Sibongile, the third wife is leading the charge to get Sengway out of jail. She has filled Mkabayi’s shoes as family commander and she seems to be doing a great job. However, she does need to take a page out of Siphokazi’s book and stop involving herself too heavily in Phumelele’s children’s lives and her decisions about them as their biological mother.

  1. Phumelele has finally accepted that she has a new sister-wife in Sibongile and the two have worked well together to try to free their husband. However, we hope she keeps the same spirit and continues to be as accepting should Sengwayo be set free.
  2. Siphokazi has been getting along with both wives ever since she first refused to allow Sibongile into the family but quickly needed her help to get out of jail. However, she could play a bigger role in bringing the two wives together as the first wife and voice of Sengwayo whenever he is away.

Here is what you think of the Zungu wives’ sisterhood so far:

Will the love and friendship they have built continue should their husband go free and they have to go back to sharing him again? Stay tuned to #Isibaya every Monday to Friday to find out!