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Samson gets his groove back – Isibaya

10 October 2019
Mandla and Sbu interrupt his romantic plan, what else could go wrong?

If it’s not Mandla, it’s Sibusiso interrupting Samson’s plans to spend a romantic evening with his wife, KaMajola.

We know the Ndlovu men mean well by checking up on Samson, but they couldn’t have picked the wrong time.

Twitter was there for all the LOL’s:

Just when the couple dodged Mandla and Sibusiso, the backache happened! Nothing seems to be going right for Samson. Which one of these scenarios is most likely to happen?

  1. KaMajola has to rush back to work.
  2. Ntwenhle arrives and interrupts.
  3. Mandla barges in, as usual.
  4. His backache gets worse.

Whatever the case may be, things don’t seem to be going too well for Ndlovu and his romantic plan. Will he succeed? 


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