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Qaphela finds a real father – Isibaya

25 July 2019
Could Sengwayo be the father Qaphela never had?
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It is no secret that Qaphela is his father’s secret weapon. He is a trained assassin deployed for his father’s corrupt and illegal endeavours. When Judas needs someone killed in cold blood, he can trust Qaphela to do it. When he needs to scare the life out of someone to force them to do what he wants, he pulls out his lethal weapon in the form of his son.

Their relationship is confusing for most of us. On one hand we know the mind control Judas has had over Qaphela but on the other hand, the affection in their relationship cannot be rivalled, not even by Sengwayo’s cold relationship with his own sons Jabu and Melusi.

Stuck in a cell alone with only Sengwayo for company, Qaphela is becoming a changed man

However, now the affection between Judas and Qaphela is gone and all that remains is a deep hatred. Qaphela cannot forgive his father for not helping Zanele during her overdose and Judas is caught between choosing his wife and the son who poisoned her.

Stuck in a cell alone with only Sengwayo for company, Qaphela is becoming a changed man. For one, he is learning that he has to control his temper and tantrums – there is no room for that in front of the mighty Zungu. He also seems to have too much respect to strike Zungu.

The two have shared intimate conversations about Qaphela’s upbringing and how Judas was not a good father. It seems with Sengwayo’s guidance and calm temperament, Qaphela has found the father he never had.

 Zungu may not have the best relationship with his owns sons but he has done a much better job of raising his sons – they all seem to have a future. Now, Qaphela is asking himself what future his father has for him in the presence of his father’s biggest enemy, and Sengwayo is happy to listen.

Can Sengwayo make a decent man out of Qaphela? Or is it all too good to be true? They may be in jail together for a while, so time is definitely on Manzini’s side.

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