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Phumelele’s dilemma – Isibaya

30 August 2019
How will she strike a balance between her family and her dreams?
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How did Phumelele find herself in this position though? Just the other day, she and Fenyang were “just friends” and now there’s questions and uncertainty.

We can’t say we’re surprised though. The two have been getting quite close over the past few weeks and everyone around them seems a little concerned about this.

The two dated way back when they were younger. Fasttrack to date, Phumelele is married to the very same man Fenyang is representing in court, while Fenyang has relationship issues with the mother of his child.    

Phumelele has found herself in a tough position because while she loves and values her family and what it stands for, she also wants to explore the woman she's always dreamed of becoming.  

Here are the differences between her husband, Mpiyakhe and Fenyang:


He’s her husband, the father of her children. He’s very rigid. Believes in the traditional ways of doing thing, especially when it comes to family matters.


He’s an old flame, a big dreamer just like Phumelele. He sees her potential and encourages her to be the woman she’s always dreamed of being since she was a little girl.    

Spending time with Fenyang over the past few weeks has unearthed something inside Phumelele, that she’s kept buried over the years.  Mzansi seems divided about her awakening. Here’s what Twitter thinks:

How is Phumelele ever going to be the woman she dreams of, while not hurting her husband and family?

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