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Mysterious stranger hits town – Isibaya

16 August 2019
Renowned actor, Warren Masemola plays the notorious MK.

Your favourite telenovela, Isibaya, is never short of twists and turns! There’s a mysterious  addition and from the look of things, more drama is headed our way! 

Makwenzeke “MK” Mathebula – Played by Warren Masemola

Makwenzeke (AKA MK ) Mathebula is a villain’s villain, a dangerous man who is driven by greed and power. He is a former lightweight boxing champion turned underworld mafia Don. He runs an organized crime network specializing in human trafficking and multiple underground fighting clubs around Johannesburg. MK worked as a taxi driver and later as a bouncer until he was spotted by a boxing promoter during a scuffle at one of the nightclubs that he was working at.

Makwenzeke “Let it be done,” was an unforgiving boxer with a fearsome combination of blistering speed and unbridled power, notoriously known for his signature left-hook-killer-punch, which earned him the nickname “Mkhonto – The Spear”. At the height of his career, he became friends with European gangsters in the EastRand. They showered him with gifts and a taste of a luxurious life luring him into mafia underworld in Jozi.

He is very astute, quite knowledgeable, playful and always finds humour in the darkest of scenarios, like the Joker in the Batman movie franchise.  He considers people as merchandise but he will also not hesitate to hurt or end the life of any one who threatens the core of his business.

MK uses a small time taxi operator called Sgegede to help him transport people around the country. Years ago, Sgegede asked Mpiyakhe for a loan which was never repaid. With his family needing the money while he is in prison, Mpiyakhe asked Qaphela to collect on the debt which he does, but Sgegede uses money owed to MK to repay the debt and then blames Qaphela for taking the money. MK doesn’t take kindly to his money being ‘stolen’ by Qaphela.

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