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Jabu slipping and sliding – Isibaya

10 September 2020
We were all rooting for Jabu after the war he waged and won against drugs and alcohol, but now he seems to be slipping and sliding right back.
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Everyone knows just how ruthless the Ndlovus are when fighting for their family name and dignity. So when Ntwenhle and Jabu’s affair came to light and the Ndlovus were sure ot lose their seat at the royal table, the pulled out all the stops.

No one could have imagined they would stoop this low: Drugging Jabu’s drinks to get him to slide back into drinking and drugs.

It may have been an unfair card, but it is working well in their favour. Ntwenhle seems to be doubting the father she has chosen for Dabula’s child and Dabula is appearing more and more the hero she and her daughter, Thandeka needs.

Jabu has made too many mistakes in his drunken and drugged state. That he is not to blame is not making the blows of his disappoints easier on Ntwenhle. He slept through her labour and giving birth to the daughter he promised to father and he missed the baby’s first clinic appointment. Leaving Ntwenhle and Baby Thandeka to get caught up in a sea of bullets meant for the chief’s head.

Despite all this, it is said “inhliziyo ayiphakelwa” which means the Ndlovus will have a hard time convincing Ntwenhle’s loving heart that Dabula is the man she should love instead of Jabu.

The Ndlovus may have also opened a dangerous can of worms by attacking Sengwayo’s heir in this way. If the truth should ever come out,new wounds may flare up old wars.

However, in all this the damage to Jabu has already been done and we are all asking ourselves if he will be able to recover and gives drugs and alcohol the boot again. Is his love with Ntwenhle strong enough to survive all these blows so early in their parenting journey?

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