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Isibaya fans react to the return of Nkabinde

02 November 2020
Makhonya is back on his witchcraft grind like he never left, and his fans are here to see it.
Goodbye nkabinde

There is no character quite as controversial as Sunday Nkabinde on Isibaya. You may hate him for his devious plans to take down the Zungu family or you may love him for his sharp wit and entertaining arrogance.

As always, his first order of business was to attacks the Zungus, but this time with Samson Ndlovu at his side. This is surprising not because the pair haven’t always worked together. However, one would not expect Ndlovu to ever team up with the witch who stole and wanted to sacrifice his one and only grandson.

But mothing units enemies like a common enemy.

Just as Sengwayo transformed into Mgijimi to save his son Manqoba, it seemed the Zungus were about to have a third umkhovu in the family. Nkabinde was under instruction from Samson Ndlovu to turn Melusi into the Mgojimi he needed.

If it weren’t for Sbu telling his father that he had killed Sengwayo, Melusi would not be himself today.

Nkabinde fans were happy to see him back and bringing drama and strife on the show but even those who do not like Nkabinde were happy to see him putting Melusi through some pain:

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