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Is Qaphela a changed man? – Isibaya

21 August 2019
Can a leopard ever change its spots?
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There’s something about Qaphela these days, that one can’t put their finger on. Its seems he’s not quite the man he was before he went to jail, or is he?

Here’s some of the changes he’s made so far:

Cutting all ties with the Ngwenya’s

Qaphela made a clean break from his family, the Ngwenya’s after being released from jail, when he went straight to Zanele’s mothers’ house.  He’s helped her get back on her feet, after her loan shark took all her furniture in leu of repayments.  

Getting a new job:    

With Jabu’s generous assistance, Qaphela got a job as a waiter at Club Sheba. He’s never waited on tables before, but he seems determined and eager to learn all he can from Dosto.  

Owning up to his mistakes:

His past came back to haunt him when Mabuyi confronted him about that terrible incident that left her scarred for life, and he’s apologized for this.

But Mzansi seems divided about his behaviour lately. Here’s what twitter thinks:  

Let’s just say, what’s more confusing is how he quickly switched back to his old ways, when Jabu asked him to go get back the money owed to Mpiyakhe from Sgegede. Many were not surprised, but it sure left a lot of unanswered questions. Is Qaphela now working for the Zungu’s, is he going back to his old ways?   

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