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How NOT to steal your R10-million – Isibaya

09 February 2021
Imagine having millions in your name but you can’t get a cent of it: Welcome to Melusi Zungu’s world.
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It is the spanner that Sengwayo threw into the works of his will. He entrusted Melusi’s R10-million share of his estate into Thandeka’s hands. No one expected her to pass away so soon so the money now rests in Sbu’s hands. There is no one more trustworthy than Sbu so we know he will not cheat the young boy. But getting the money from Sbu will be just as difficult as if he were getting it from Sengwayo himself.

The first attempt: Pitch a business idea without a business plan

Melusi’s first attempt to trick Sbu into getting his money was to pitch a business to him. Melusi claimed to want to start a clothing label. But no one knows better that if wishes were horses, we would all be riding than Sbu.

Sbu thought the idea of a clothing label was good but without business experience nor a plan, he would not give Melusi even one cent from his millions.

The second attempt: Pitch a business idea with someone else’s business plan

This time Melusi roped in his girlfriend to help him draw up a business plan for his business. She instead suggested that they use someone else’s business plan for an existing business and pretend it was their own.

That may have worked, if Melusi had changed the names on the business to reflect as his own work.

At this point, it does not look like Melusi will ever get to truly be a millionaire.

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