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Five times Jerry made us LOL! – Isibaya

21 June 2019
He is gogo’s hero, underrated family member, our fav comedian and he ain’t even trying.
five times jerry made us lol

It’s tough being Jerry in the Ngwenya household: His grandmother is a staunch churchwoman married to her Ben 10, his cousin needs anger management and his aunt and uncle are running an underhanded drug and taxi business while he is just a gentle soul.

Mzansi loves to laugh at Jerry and here are five moments he made us LOL!

  1. When he thought he could tag along on Judas and Qaphela’s bike ride

We all know Judas and Qaphela have a strong father and son bond. So any one of us would know not to tag along on their bike ride date, but there was Jerry trying to be included on a two-seater superbike in a father-son bromance.

  1. When he told Qaphela that he is the Gabadiya now

Qaphela had a tough time earning his father’s trust when Zanele was still alive. So you can imagine how livid he was to learn that Judas had made Jerry the head honcho in charge. Jerry is not very good with his words, erring on the side of too much honesty, so when he told Qaphela “Yimi iGabhadiya”, the gloves were off.

  1. When he swallowed Saddam’s engagement ring

If there is a person Jerry loves, it’s his grandmother. Needless to say he was not impressed when Saddam was looking to take is relationship with her to the next level. To stop Saddam from marrying his grandmother, Jerry swallowed the ring; an unforgettable moment!

  1. When he did a sexy photo shoot for a dating app

The Ngwenyas are full of all sorts of tricks to get what they want. When they wanted to buy the B&B for Lillian but the owner was not selling, they resorted to desparate measures – getting Jerry to lure her out on a dating app so they could blackmail her with the message and pictures she sent. She fell in love with Jerry and the Ngwenyas got their B&B.

  1. When he wrote Kaone a poem

We were almost here for it. Jerry and Kaone as a couple? Yes, please! Jerry had already written her poem and their date seemed to be going well, but it all went South somewhere in the middle of his love poetry. Too bad they have never rekindled that flame again.

Is Jerry also a fav for you? Stay tuned to Isibaya every Mon-Friday at 20:30 for more of the best in entertainment.