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Five times #Isibaya made us LOL – Isibaya

13 November 2019
How the events leading to the Shela Competition had us in stitches
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We’ve never laughed liked we did last night, as izinsizwa polished their shela skills ahead of the upcoming Shela Competition.

Here’s five times #Isibaya made us LOL, and Twitter was here for it: 

1. When Bongani used the sugarcane shela line:

Siphokazi couldn’t believe her ears when she overheard Bongani and Bhekumuzi bouncing their shela skills off each other, Bongani with his sugarcane shela line and Bhekumuzi likening a woman to his late mother. What a disaster, LOL!   


2. When S’khaleni attempted to shela the passengers:

S’khaleni and the guys at the taxi rank don’t want to be outdone by the fellows eBhubesini, so they’re also bouncing a few ideas off each other. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite go as he hoped, as the passengers were not at all impressed.


3. When Mandla said Sgwava:

The competition is his brainchild and he couldn’t be happier when he heard that famous artist Sjava would be joining the competition. Mandla being Mandla, he couldn’t bother getting Sjava’s name correct and called him Sgwava, LOL!


4. When Fezile’s walked towards Mkabayi, Bhekumuzi and Bongani:

All we can say is, we were never ready for it! LOL!


5. When Bongani, Bhekumuzi and Fezile shelad Mkabayi:

We know they’re brave, their jobs call for this BUT to actually approach Mkabayi and shela her took us by surprise. And the results... hilarious!


Everybody is excited about the competition and we certainly can’t wait to see the best of the best, as izinsizwa show us their shela skills.  


Stay tuned to Isibaya every Monday to Friday at 20:30 for all the LOLs and to see who is announced the ultimate winner of the Shela Competition.