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Eight Isibaya characters who evolved the most

02 April 2021
You thought you knew them in the beginning, and then they grew.
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One thing about Isibaya, it is full of surprises. You may think you know how things are going to turn out and be completely surprised by the talented award-winning writers. What we love most about Isibaya surprises are the ones that develop over time. Like characters you thought you knew growing, changing and surprising viewers.

Here are the characters that did a complete 180 over the eight Isibaya seasons, and in most cases it was for the better:

1. Phumelele Zungu

It all started with a timid young Zulu girl entering a polygamous marriage with an infamous taxi boss. Phumelele entered the scene as a woman who barely had her own voice but overtime she began to see herself, she found her voice, started a business and met the love she deserved.

2. Mandla Ndlovu

Did you ever imagine Mandla Ndlovu as a father? However, as soon as his estranged daughter Ntwenhle entered the scene, he rose to the challenge and built her up to be the strong woman we now love.

3. Ntwenhle Ndlovu

She came to Bhubesini looking for the father she had never met. She was a handful, to say the least just like her father, it must run in the blood. She was also fearful and with no idea how to exist in a family. However, Ntwenhle grew to be a queen, a mother and Ndlovu princess.

4. Sibusiso Ndlovu

It may seem contradictory to see an evolution of Sbusiso. He remained genuine and family-focused throughout the eight seasons of Isibaya. However, did you ever imagine a Sbu without Thandeka? Sbu’s greatest challenge, losing his wife and love of wife, birthed a new man.

5. Fenyang Molefenyane

If you think of successful rich city boy, you think of Advocate Fenyang. But Phumelele managed to tun him into a chicken-handling-Bhubesini-loving city farm boy – all for love.

6. Jabulani Zungu

The character of Jabu is always in transition and evolution. However, in the end he managed to fight off his addictions and even forgive the people who lead to relapse when he could gone to war with them. You may have been surprised to see him choose iris in the end, but like we said, a man of transitions and changes.

7. Fezile Khumalo

Fez lama Fez is no stranger to love. We were enthralled by his love story with Qondi to the point we thought they could never be separated. But it seemd Bhekifa and Duma were able to separate them. In the end, the true love of Fezile’s life was the one who could make him tender, listen and a father – his Sbutubutu, Nolwandle.

8. Qaphela Ngwenya

You may have been looking for this one on our list. Qaphela’s change from his father’s dangerous hitman to a man of peace could never have been predicted. That he was the one to kill his father in the end is even more shocking.

You don’t have to take our word for it, if you want to see all the Isibaya character development over 8 seasons, just watch all the seasons on Showmax.