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Coming up in January – Isibaya

01 January 2021
All the drama and action you can't miss on Isibaya this month.
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S8 Episode 195: Friday 01 January 2021

Phumelele starts the New Year at war with Fenyang. Samson scores a crucial victory over Mkabayi. Bhekumuzi ends up in hot water with Fezile.

S8 Episode 196: Monday 04 January 2021

Mpihlangene complicates Fenyang’s attempts to make things right. Ntandane catches Thokozani and Qaphela red-handed.

S8 Episode 197: Tuesday 05 January 2021

Blade learns of Iris big betrayal. Qaphela tries to explain his feeling but they are not well received. Andile and Mickey plan to get rid of the speed hump in their way for good.

S8 Episode 198: Wednesday 06 January 2021

Melusi finally faces his day in court; Mickey sets out on his killer mission. Fezile gets stunning news. Samson makes a serious choice regarding the Chief.

S8 Episode 199: Thursday 07 January 2021

Dabula decides to call in reinforcements for his issues with his in-laws. Mkabayi learns a shocking truth that sends Fezile into a fury. Mickey puts a deadly plan in motion.

S8 Episode 200: Friday 08 January 2021                                                                                                                                             

Dabula makes an announcement that shocks the Ndlovus to their core. Mpihlangene continues to humiliate Fenyang, and ignores Mbobozehluzo’s grim warning.

S8 Episode 201: Monday 11 January 2021

Mpihlangene cooks up a plan to embarrass the Molefenyanes. Mbodla serves the Ndlovus with an official letter from the Chieftaincy that threatens to challenge their way of life.

S8 Episode 202: Tuesday 12 January 2021

A dark secret is revealed about Mpihlangene and one of Mpiyakhe’s wives. Khanyi enacts her plan to get through to Dabula. Cebisile comes through for Fenyang in a big way.

S8 Episode 203: Wednesday 13 January 2021

S’khaleni and Ntandane ruin Thokozani’s plans. She makes a bold move. Khanyi’s plans fail and she looks for a new ally. Things get heated between Bhekumuzi and Mickey

S8 Episode 204: Thursday 14 January 2021

Dabula’s generosity with Sihle makes Mbomvu realise Khanyi was right all along. Meanwhile Siza refuses to believe S’bu about Mickey.

S8 Episode 205: Friday 15 January 2021

Khanyi and Mbomvu decide on drastic measures to get Dabula the help he needs.

S8 Episode 206: Monday 18 January 2021

Time is running out for the Ndlovu as Mbodla races to find Dabula. The Zungu get shocking news from Mpiyakhe’s lawyer. An unexpected visitor arrives back in the valley and Sihle makes a surprising offer.

S8 Episode 207: Tuesday 19 January 2021

Ntandane catches Saddam red-handed. Bhekumuzi has an important question for Thandi. Meanwhile things look increasingly dire for the Ndlovus as Dabula prepares to make his move.

S8 Episode 208: Wednesday 20 January 2021

Lillian is forced to take drastic action to save Saddam. Mickey learns Dabula has changed his mind about the Ndlovus, while Mpihlangene tries to dissuade S’bu from attending the reading of the will.

S8 Episode 209: Thursday 21 January 2021

Mpiyakhe’s will contains some shocking decisions. Saddam & Lillian hunt for Jerry, not knowing their secret is out. Dabula confronts Sihle about her deception. Thokozani make a plan for a romantic reunion.

S8 Episode 210: Friday 22 January 2021

Dabula comes to collect on an old favour. Meanwhile Mpihlangene tries to pit brother against brother-in-law. Thandi is not aware she is part of a bigger plot. Lillian and Saddam learn some distressing news about Ntandane.

S8 Episode 211: Monday 25 January 2021

Saddam turns to Dabula for help with the Zungus. There is still a spark between S’bu and Mabuyi. Mpihlangene continues trying to get his hands on Mpiyakhe’s wealth by planting doubt in Mkabayi.

S8 Episode 212: Tuesday 26 January 2021

S’bu is intent on respecting Mpiyakhe’s final wishes. Fenyang’s elders are convinced he’s affections would be better served with someone else. Thandi is not aware she is an accessory to a much bigger plot.

S8 Episode 213: Wednesday 27 January 2021

Dabula has a new job for Qaphela. Mickey’s plot does not go as planned thanks to Siza and Mabuyi. Meanwhile Bhekumuzi finds Qaphela in a compromising situation and a fight ensues.

S8 Episode 214: Thursday 28 January 2021

Dabula makes a dangerous promise to the Ngwenyas. Fezile tests Bhekumuzi’s loyalty with a difficult request. Mickey finally tells Siza the truth. Mkabayi is ready to exact her revenge on the Ngwenyas.

S8 Episode 215: Friday 29 January 2021

Samson reminds S’bu where his loyalties should lie. Londiwe is not impressed with Melusi’s latest mess up. Meanwhile Mickey agrees to help Siza with her father. Dabula refuses to believe Nikiwe knows nothing.

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