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A love that could start a war – Isibaya

21 February 2020
Jabu and Ntwenhle’s affair is not just forbidden, it is dangerous.
a love to starts a war

All is fair in love and war…except in the case of a Zungu falling in love with a Ndlovu – their love could start a war. Jabu and Ntwenhle’s steamy affair is not just a meaningless temptation between a married woman and a young man.

Remember when Sbu and Thandeka fell in love? It seemed to be a tale of star-crossed lovers. The pair had to fight tooth and nail for their families to accept their love in the midst of an age-old war between the families.

Years later, Sbu and Thandeka may be Mzansi’s favourite couple, but their families have barely accepted their marriage. Then there was Jabu and Zama, who also fell in love while a war was brewing between their families. Mpiyakhe Zungu and Judas Ngwenya are still trying to put an end to each other even though their children married. When it comes to family feuds on Isibaya, love is not enough to end wars that have been going on for decades or just sparked up. 

Could the Zungus and Ndlovus ever accept Jabu and Ntwenhle as a couple? Ntwenhle is Queen of Bhubesini via her marriage to the Mabomvu King, Dabula. Exposing her affair with Jabu would lead to her losing her title as queen and her family being stripped of their claim to royalty. Queue a distraught Jola! 

The Ndlovus are only just warming up to their new position ebukhosini so losing it all because Ntwenhle fell in love with the wrong man while her husband was in jail is something they could never accept. Jabu has already received a taste of the anger that awaits him if he continues with Ntwenhle – he has already suffered beating from Mandla and Sbu. 

Could Ntwenhle be ostracized by the family just like Jabu was after his affair with Iris? Well Jabu thinks so, and he is ending the relationship to protect her from losing her “dignity as queen” and her family. Will the break up last? We have a feeling Jabu and Ntwenhle will have a hard time staying away from each other.

What do you think the lovers should do? Fight for their love and make it work? Or just call it quits and save their families the anger, pain and bloodshed?

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