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Who has Sengwayo become? – Isibaya

11 February 2019
We love Manzini, but we don’t like who he is becoming in a quest to find his wife.
who has mpiyakhe become

No one was ready for Sengwayo’s reaction to Qaphela escaping, just as he was about to use him to get the truth out of Judas Ngwenya. We would have expected Sengwayo to be level-headed as always, but this time he showed us a whole other side to him; and Mzansi was not impressed.

One moment the man who had risked his life to enter the Ngwenya household; get intel and even kidnap Qaphela, stood before Mpiyakhe Zungu and the in a second he had been shot dead by Sengwayo himself.

As founder of Khuculula, Sengwayo has projected himself as a peacemaker and leader, but now he has turned into the very killer he sought to stop – Judas Ngwenya.

Or is he being judged to harshly? Sengwayo finds himself in a difficult position: Just a week ago he was marrying his third wife and now she has disappeared on the day they were supposed to jet off for their honeymoon. He has no way of knowing where she is, or whether she is okay or even alive. That could make even the best man lose himself.

Will Sengwayo continue on this path until he finds his love? Or will he turn back to his moral ways and try a different approach?

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