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Love is loyalty, loyalty is love – Isibaya

25 February 2019
The most important thing to the Ngwenya family is loyalty to family
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Love means many things to different people and families, but to the Ngwenyas it can only mean loyalty. Almost every dispute the family has had, has been about loyalty. To show you love as a Mtimande, you must be loyal to the cause and to the family.

Zama – The biggest test of loyalty

The biggest test of loyalty for the Ngwenya was when their most loved, Zama betrayed the family for the Zungu camp. Nothing threatened to destroy relationshions within the family quite like Zama choosing not only to marry Jabu Zungu but to also testify against her own family effectively sending them to jail.

So important is loyalty to the Ngwenya family that even Zama, the Ngwenya princess, was faced with the prospect of losing her life because of her betrayal. It was only after her death that it seemed the family longed to reach out to her one final time, but it was already too late.

Beauty – Loyalty in marriage

Some call her a mob wife and others just a doting housewife, but either title recognizes Beauty’s loyalty to her husband. However, when Judas was faced with the prospect of never leaving jail, Beauty was faced with a tough choice and ended up having to exchange a night with Mdluli for Judas’ freedom.

The wages of that sin for Beauty and Mdluli was death, but Beauty was spared because it was Mdluli who had forced her into a corner and Beauty’s had only done it out of loyalty to her husband and setting him free.

Qaphela – An heir’s loyalty

No one is more devoted and loyal to his father than Qaphela Ngwenya. He would absolutely kill for his father without thinking twice about. Not only has he killed strangers and enemies for his father’s sake, but Judas has even had Qaphela kill his own uncle, Beauty’s brother.

Their relationship is commendable as it is unnerving, but nowhere is it evident that loyalty is the most important thing for the Ngwenya family than in Judas and Qaphela’s father-son relationship.

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