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Goodbye Dam Dam and Vava Voom? – Isibaya

15 February 2019
The lives of the most unlikely and loved couple hangs in the balance.
vava voom dam dam

Is this how Saddam and Lilian say goodbye to each other and end their love story – to start it again in the after life? First it was Saddam who was shot, now Lillian has suffered a stroke from worrying about losing the love of her life. We just can't deal! 

Saddam made a decision to turn his life around when he heard he would be father. He chose to turn his back on a life of crime and killing, and rather focus on building the B&B for the love of his life Sis Lili and their unborn child, Myeken'eze. He was a new man, upbeat and responsible, only concerned with pleaseing and taking care of his pregnant fiancé. He even handed over his gun to her as a sign that he would never return to the dark life. 

Beauty now has the responsibility to choose between her mother and her unborn sibling. 

However, things would not be so simple for our favourite and unlikely couple. Mpiyakhe Zungu declared war on the Ngwenyas for a crime they may have not even committed. He accused Judas Ngwenya of kidnapping his thirs wife MaMkhize who had mysteriously gone missing. Everyone at the B&B was on knife's edge and rightfully so. Lillian gave Saddam back his gun in an effort to arm him to protect them but it proved to do more harm than good. Just as Saddam was about to protect his family, he was shot and critically injured. 

It is the worst thing that could happen to Sis Lillian. Losing the father of her child before they even had time to raise their child together. The guilt she faces is eating her and the stress over Saddam's health and raising a child alone in her old age is raising her blood pressure dangerously. 

Now Saddam fights for his life on a hospital bed from bullet wounds while Sis Lillians fights for her life and the life of her baby from a stroke. Beauty now has the responsibility to choose between her mother and her unborn sibling. It is the toughest position for a daughter and big sister to be in. Who should Beauty give a chance at life? 

Beauty's decision could see her losing her mother, and the strain from losing his love could mean Saddam would never recover. Is there any hope for the couple or was their love star-crossed from the beginning?

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