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Bring back Mgijimi? – Isibaya

22 February 2019
Is Mgijimi the only one who can save MaMkhize?
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Sibongile Mkhize Zungu has been missing since the day after her wedding without a trace. If there is one person who can find a needle in a haystack, or a kidnapped wife, it’s Mgijimi. Should Mpiyakhe take the risk to get his wife back?

Mgijimi’s track record with helping the Zungu family find their loved ones speaks for itself. Mgijimi gets the job done. However, at what risk? Mpiyakhe Zungu has been completely overcome by umkhovu a couple of times and both times it seemed he was on the brink of never coming back. Bringing MaMkhoze back may be well worth the risk, but what good will it do if she loses her husband in the process?

What is the cost of a life? Will it be Sibongile’s life for Mpiyakhe’s?

When Judas Ngwenya kidnapped the Zungu children and waged a massive war against Mpiyakhe, it was Mgijimi to the resuce. Not only was Manqoba returned safely home, but Mgijimi waged a one-man war against the entire Ngwenya army and won with ease.

However, Thandeka often struggled to control Mgijimi, and he disappeared leaving the family longing for their father and husband. Can Thandeka really control Mgijimi this time?

Another factor to consider is the retun of the dreaded Sunday Nkabinde who seems to have taken over Mehlo’s body and mind. How could Thandeka possibly control Mgijimi with Sunday Nkabinde pulling the strings? Mehlo is pushing for Mpiyakhe Zungu to make the transformation – just imagine how powerful the evil Sunday Nkabinde would be if Mgijimi were his lapdog?

What is the cost of a life? Will it be Sibongile’s life for Mpiyakhe’s?

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