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Who runs Idols SA Season 17?

24 August 2021
The audience lit the Twitter streets up during the final FINAL Judgement – here are some tweets that you wish you would’ve tweeted.
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It’s no secret that the ladies of Season 17 are on fire! This year, we have more queens than kings ruling the Idols SA kingdom!

With that being said, our Season 17 kings of the Top 16 are bringing in just as much heat and talent, and if you don’t believe us, believe the hype surrounding Daylin Sass!

As if making Top 16 isn’t enough, Daylin has already scored a nod from South African musician Donald (in Denial)...

Speaking of nods, Tesmin-Robyn received three from the judges and Nqobie received an extra special nod in her final judgement. And now, they have been dubbed as favs of the season...

Nqobie delivered such a powerful performance, she impressed her vocal coach and the audience, some saying that there’s just something about her.

Ithana received her fair share of love, a beautiful face with a voice to match!

Emotions are always high during these stages in the Idols SA show and this past Sunday was no different. There can ultimately only be one Idol at the end of the show but that still doesn’t stop us from hoping and wishing our own favs can make the Top 16 cut. One such audience favourite is Kwanda who we sadly had to say goodbye to last night but fans are really rallying for a Top 17 just so he can be included – it’s so endearing [insert Unathi tear here] 

While there will not be a Top 17, we can definitely look forward to the season’s first Live Show this Sunday at 17:00 on Mzansi Magic, channel 161. Meet your Top 16 finalists!

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