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The words our Top 10 live by - Idols SA

21 September 2018
Now that they've captivated us on the Live Show stage, we're keen to know who our Idols are and what makes them tick
Top 10 Styling

We'd like to think music speaks to the soul and stimulates the senses unlike any other art form and that's very likely why fans of Idols from such deep and lasting relationships with the contestants on the show. That's why we decided to connect with our finalists and get a little insight into what defines them in as few words as possible. Have a look at their answers.



“Always be happy and make sure that the people around you are happy too”

1537537289 33 thato smiling

For Thato it's all about spreading love, positive energy and lifting people up when they're down. We think that definitely translates on stage because he always looks like he's havng the best time of his life.


"You're not the best but you're one of the best!"

1537537433 33 thando

It's so great to see Thando finally acknowledge how talented she is. This is a young woman who had gotten to a point where she doubted her own abilities as a singer.


"Be yourself. Don't try to be anybody else"

1537538525 33 ntokozo

There's nothing quite like self-acceptence. It truly is the key to peace of mind.


"The sun will rise and we will try again tomorrow"

Dwelling on the setbacks of the past will rob you of so much joy in the present and future. Very wise words from Xae

1537538621 33 xae quote


"Aspire to inspire before you expire"

1537538749 33 yanga

Though she's so young, Yanga already appreciates that we have precious little time and we've got to make it count.


"Life is tough but I'm tougher!"

1537539350 33 mthokozisi quote

Mthokozisi knows from experience that loss, strife and pain are inevitable but with the right attitude you can always find the fortitude to overcome.


"Let your faith roar so loud that you can't hear what doubt is saying"

1537539450 33 king b quote

King B shared some encouraging words for anyone who's ever struggled with overcoming crippling anxiety.


"I am strong, I am powerful and I am brave"

1537539590 33 lincoln quote

It's clear that Lincoln has the heart of a true fighter and it was inevitable that he would come this far


"Be yourself because originals are better than copies"

1537538355 33 ntokozo 3 2

At only 18-years-olf Nosipho already understands that being true to yourself instead of confirming is the key to unlocking greatness.


"Energy doesn't lie – You get what you put in"

1537539804 33 niyaaz quote

Now we know why Niyaaz is so driven and tenacious. Nothing worth having comes easy after all

Now that you've gotten a glimpse of what inspires our Idols who are you most excited to see this Sunday? Let us know using #IdolsSA on any of our official platforms.

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