It's the little things – Idols SA

17 November 2022
While it was recognisably Idols SA, all seasons are a little different. We’ve gone through three of the moments that made this season stand out.
The Top 4 on stage.

Ty Loner didn’t even know he was entered into the competition

Ty Loner wasn’t a newcomer to Idols SA this year. He was among 2021’s crop of hopefuls but had to bow out during Theatre Week after failing to make the cut with the judges. Now, that’s no kind of real failure: in a competition with this many entrants and only so many Golden Tickets available, just making it to Theatre Week is a significant achievement.

It’s understandable, however, that a contestant might feel somewhat demoralised by not making it through to the live stages of the competition, and many don’t re-enter a second time (although very many do – Tesmin-Robyn, for instance). Luckily for Ty Loner, his girlfriend came to the rescue. Somehow – we’re not entirely sure how she pulled this off – she managed to enter him into Idols SA without him knowing about it. This is particularly revealing, as she would have had to supply a demo tape, which means she had at least one lying around. Ty Loner, it seems, likes to perform for his missus.

As he should. Thanks to her, he had another crack at Theatre Week – a challenge at which he managed to succeed. Because of that, he finally had a chance to woo audiences during the Live Shows – which he surely did. Ty Loner was a firm favourite during those first few weeks of live shows, and his girlfriend may have started to second guess her decision once she saw the sheer number of adoring female (and male) fans that clamoured for her boyfriend’s attention. Seriously though, Ty Loner owes his girlfriend a lot – despite not winning, he now has undeniable national recognition upon which he can build a career.

Hope’s early(ish) exit

If we’re being honest, we thought Hope had a real chance of winning this whole thing. Her audition was excellent, her stints during Theatre Week were even better, and she has an attitude that seems perfectly at ease with herself and the demands of performance. She had it all, and some of us were taking early bets that she might find herself in the finale.

But no. The reason for this is obvious: she didn’t get the votes. Why that is the case is a little harder to figure out. For all the reasons listed above, she was clearly one of the strongest competitors when it came to the sheer ability to sing.  Perhaps it’s because she didn’t have that quality that is so difficult to encapsulate. Maybe she didn’t have it. Whatever “it” is.

Unique Wooden Mic entries

Look, it’s okay to laugh at Wooden Mic winners, as long as it’s in good humour. There is always something a little funny about confidence in the absence of ability, and those entrants that tackle something like a singing competition while having the vocal ability of a grinding gear is just something at which you’re allowed to chuckle, as long as you see the big picture. What’s the big picture? That they entered at all. That they took the chance. What’s your excuse?

But why highlight the Wooden Mic auditions as being unique to this season? Every season has them. Here’s why: decent performances are a dime a dozen. Outstanding performances are rare. Terrible performances are all bad, but each of them is bad in its own way. They’re as unique as Aretha Franklin. Wooden Mic auditions are never repeated, and – as such – they are always part of what makes a season of Idols SA special. We salute them. For a short while before we lower our hand so that we can put our finger back in our ear.