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I am your father – Housekeepers Image : 17747
Gunning for Florence – Housekeepers Image : 17748
Gunning for Florence – HousekeepersNoli is out for Linda's blood after she finds out the housekeeper convinced Sydney to continue his law journey. Linda comes to the Ngubane house for a last day but it seems her cover has been blown.
Kill Mkhonto for love – Housekeepers Image : 17681
Kill Mkhonto for love – HousekeepersClive tells Noli that the price of his love is Mkhonto's life. He tells her to leave Mkhonto in jail and then have her killed just like Noli had June Ndlovu killed.
Covering for Mkhonto – Housekeepers Image : 17680
Covering for Mkhonto – HousekeepersLinda shocks Conway when she covers for Mkhonto allowing her to go free but he gives her 24 hours to make her plan work.
Not going down without a fight  – Housekeepers Image : 17587
Not going down without a fight – HousekeepersDetective Conway comes to the Zwide house to arrest Mkhonto for Miya death but she will not go down without a fight.
You can’t play a player – Housekeepers Image : 17588
You can’t play a player – HousekeepersClive changes his will and leaves everything to his endangered unknown true heir, Mthokozisi.
Mtho knows – Housekeepers Image : 17509
Mtho knows – HousekeepersAfter visiting his mother's grave, Mtho finds out that Linda killed the Zwides.
I have a son – Housekeepers Image : 17508
I have a son – HousekeepersClive finds out that he has a long lost son and it is Mtho. However, Linda may have killed before he has a chance to meet him in an effort to save Mkhonto.
A final goodbye to Thuli – Housekeepers Image : 17424
A final goodbye to Thuli – HousekeepersClive kills the man who killed his daughter, Thuli and the Ngubanes say their final goodbyes to her as she is cremated.
Under investigation – Housekeepers Image : 17422
Under investigation – HousekeepersLinda is questioned by the police about Detective Miya's death and also by the insurance company handling Veronica's estate, meanwhile Mtho finds the weapon she buried after killing the Zwides.
Why are you still here? – Housekeepers Image : 17336
Why are you still here? – HousekeepersNoli Ngubane poisons Linda's drink in an attempt to kill her to make sure she remains silent about Thuli's death.
The blame game – Housekeepers Image : 17335
The blame game – HousekeepersThe Ngubanes are at each others throats after Thuli's death with each one blaming the other for their loss.
Death follows the Ngubanes – Housekeepers Image : 17283
Death follows the Ngubanes – HousekeepersThuli is set up and suffers a fatal injury while Mkhonto finds the love of her life, etective Miya, dead.
A promise to mama – Housekeepers Image : 17282
A promise to mama – HousekeepersLinda confronts Conway about the revelation that the Ngubanes were hired to kill her mother and she vows to kill them all.
The Ngubanes killed my mother – Housekeepers Image : 17245
The Ngubanes killed my mother – HousekeepersLinda plants spyware around the Ngubane house and finds out they were hired to kill her mother.
Linda gets her job back – Housekeepers Image : 17244
Linda gets her job back – HousekeepersAfter being fired for letting the wrong person in, Linda manages to saves her job at the ngubanes.
Linda saves Clive – Housekeepers Image : 17202
Linda saves Clive – HousekeepersAfter accusing Noli of killing June, Clive has a heart attack which Linda saves him from.
Linda's second mission – Housekeepers Image : 17096
Linda's second mission – HousekeepersThe detective asks Linda to go undercover again, but this time at the Ngubanes. Will she be able to pull it off?
I am your father – Housekeepers

Mzansi Magic Dramas

Nosmilo takes Zoleka's house and Rover  –  Ayeye Stripped Image : 28490
Smotoza and Thando's first time – eHostela Image : 28465
Smotoza and Thando's first time – eHostelaThe love between Smotoza and Thando grows stronger even though their parents are against it and she gets intimate with him. Later, she finds out that he shot her and his uncle is out to get her mother.
Ngwadi kills Shenge – eHostela Image : 28464
Ngwadi kills Shenge – eHostelaAfter h refuses to take Ngwadi's R1.5million bribe to forever hold his peace about who killed Mdletshe, Ngwadi kills Mdletshe before he can speak to KaMabizela.
She killed her sister for you – Isifiso Image : 28438
She killed her sister for you – IsifisoAfter Mhlengi's attempt at getting Bazo back with a new shirt and flowers fails, he tells Julia to go to a sangoma to help her and she is given some enlightening information. Later, Julia confronts Bazo and "Sbari" about what she knows about the night Buhle died, but will he believe her?
Mhlengi is kicked out – Isifiso Image : 28343
Mhlengi is kicked out – IsifisoThings are not going well for Mhlengi when his in-laws kick him out so Bazothini is free to make moves on Math'amahle.
Bazo's mother vs Julia – Isifiso Image : 28253
Bazo's mother vs Julia – IsifisoJulia tries to go see Sbonelo's daughter after hearing that she is ill but she comes face to face with Bazo's mother who gives her a piece of her mind. Later, Bazo's mother tells Sbonelo that Julia insulted her so that he turns against her.
Kiss of death – eHostela Image : 28254
Kiss of death – eHostelaNgwadi tries to convince S'motoza that Thando and her mother are evil but after they share a kiss, all he sees is the love of his life. Ngwadi gives S'motoza an assignment to kill KaMabizela but he ends up shooting Thando instead.
Hang out with the stars this July – Mzansi Magic Image : 28188
Hang out with the stars this July – Mzansi MagicThe reason you need to stay home this July: you get to hang out with the stars of Mzansi Magic, including IdolsSA, The Real Housewives of Cape Town, eHostela, the Saturday Showdown and Isifiso. Kusazoba mnndi this July!
KaMabizela goes after Ngwadi – eHostela Image : 28127
KaMabizela goes after Ngwadi – eHostelaKaMabizela returns from mourning for her husband and immediately starts looking for answers about how Ngwadi managed to kill him. When her leads lead her to a corrupt cop, Ngwadi makes sure S'motozza silences him for good.
Bazothini goes to Nobuhle's house – Isifiso Image : 28122
Bazothini goes to Nobuhle's house – IsifisoBazothini is feeling very anxious and guilty after pushing her sister to her death down the stairs. She later goes to Nobuhle's house to help with her niece and nephew get ready for school.
Bazo pushes Nobuhle – Isifiso Image : 27551
Bazo pushes Nobuhle – IsifisoBazothini can't take anymore of her mother comparing her with her sister. She decides to face her sister head on and tell her she stole her beautiful life but their argument turns heated and she pushes Nobuhle down the stairs instead.
Ngwadi's plot to kill Mdletshe – eHostela Image : 27549
Ngwadi's plot to kill Mdletshe – eHostelaNgwadi feels threatened by Ngwadi's plans to take on the role on Nduna eHostela so he pays off policemen to have Mdletshe arrested and killed but things go awry when Mdletshe fights for his life.
Linda made it – Housekeepers Image : 27515
Linda made it – HousekeepersDumi finds out Linda is related to Mtho but she manages to get out of the sticky situation with her information about Patience and the baby being alive. Later, the SCU comes in and save her and the day.
Blood or not, I am your father – Umbuso Image : 27509
Blood or not, I am your father – UmbusoThembelihle tries to convince her father to take the fall for her mother's murder which her brother committed but Ma E refusesand tellsher he can survive in jail, she just needs to build the family empire.
Qhoqhoqho kills one of his own – Gomora Image : 27399
Qhoqhoqho kills one of his own – GomoraMike Junior and 2-ply argue about the master plan to kill Mam’Sonto and Thathi. Qhoqhoqho later kills 2-ply to make a point.
Bongani is desperate for a job – Gomora Image : 27398
Bongani is desperate for a job – GomoraZodwa is not moved when Bongani tries to explain how he had to spend R10 000 on his children’s school trip. He later accepts Miss Hlungwani’s job offers, after Sbonga turns him down at the tavern.
The most dangerous women on Umbuso Image : 27386
The most dangerous women on UmbusoFrom secrets to bribery to adultery to even murdering of family members, the women of Umbuso are dangerous. We do a countdown of the most dangerous of them according to their devious deeds. Who do you think is the worst?
Lihle saves Mothusi's life – Umbuso Image : 27357
Lihle saves Mothusi's life – UmbusoMaE and Bridget want Mothusi dead after they find out about his affair with Refilwe. However, just as Mike is about to pull the trigger, Lihle comes and begs him not to do it but much to her disappointment when she finds out about his latest infidelity and serves him with divorce papers in her car.
There is a spy in your house – Housekeepers Image : 27352
There is a spy in your house – HousekeepersThe prosecutor is on the Zwane's payroll and warns them that someone managed to get into their prep room and steal all the evidence regarding Mtho's case. Later that evening, Mtho's lawyer Lisa is in danger when Senzo Zwane leaves his sick bed to personally take care of her and the evidence.
Be careful of Linda – Housekeepers Image : 27293
Be careful of Linda – HousekeepersKwezi warns the fellow Zwanes about Linda after their run-in about the missing evidence from his room. Later, Linda finds a secret room where evidence that Mtho did not kill Cindy is being held and she gives it all to his lawyer.
Saving Mike – Umbuso Image : 27286
Saving Mike – UmbusoThemebelihle starts suspecting Mike of killing her mother on her father's instruction. However, later she saves his life from a gunfight with Caesar and romantic sparks fly between them.
Mike plays Caesar – Umbuso Image : 27254
Mike plays Caesar – UmbusoMike strikes a deal with Caesar to turn on Ma E in exchange for a 30% stake in her business but he double-crosses her and proves his loyalty to Ma E.
A fight to the death – Housekeepers Image : 27248
A fight to the death – HousekeepersLinda has a little too many run ins with Kwezi and it seems she may have run out of lives. Mtho is the fight for his life as the Zwanes call a hit on him in prison.
I found the murder weapon – Housekeepers Image : 27238
I found the murder weapon – HousekeepersAfter doctor's orders to stay in bed at the Zwane house, Linda sneaks around to Kwezi's room and finds the murder weapons he used to kill Cindy. Conway advises her to put them in a ziploc bag but just after she manages to, Kwezi is back and finds her in his room.
Nosmilo takes Zoleka's house and Rover – Ayeye Stripped