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Zibuko’s side gigs cause problems for Mam’Sonto – Gomora Image : 29368
MK rattles Mazet’s cage – Gomora Image : 29367
MK rattles Mazet’s cage – GomoraMazet is shocked to learn that the beautiful stranger is Zibuko’s baby mama, MK. She later has a fight with Zibuko about MK.
A Gomora Christmas show – Gomora Image : 29360
A Gomora Christmas show – GomoraMr Faku and his students put on a good Christmas show for the community.
Hold your horses – Gomora Image : 29359
Hold your horses – GomoraSizwe asks Lumka to come over at his place again, but she asks him to take things slow. He later chats to Teddy and Ntokozo about it.
Lumka meets Sis Tiny – Gomora Image : 29344
Lumka meets Sis Tiny – GomoraSizwe introduces Lumka to Sis Tiny. Sis Tiny is relieved when she finds out that Lumka is a good girl.
Sibongile’s secret is out – Gomora Image : 29330
Sibongile’s secret is out – GomoraZodwa and Bongani are shocked to find Sibongile on the floor and call the emergency services. They get the shock of their lives when she tells them she is pregnant.
Sibongile is pregnant – Gomora Image : 29329
Sibongile is pregnant – GomoraSibongile is shocked when she realises Gladys knows about her pregnancy. She gives her the various options and advises her to do the right thing for herself. Scara tells Nkosinathi everything about the exam papers syndicate.
The best ships – #BestOf2022 Image : 29293
The best ships – #BestOf2022We take a look at all the relationships that made us melt on the Mzansi Magic screen this year, from Gomora to The Queen and the Sunday drama Ehostela.
Zibuko must go – Gomora Image : 29322
Zibuko must go – GomoraNyalleng tries to talk to Zibuko about using Mam’Sonto’s tavern as his playground. Sbonga has had it with Zibuko and asks Pretty to stand by him as they take him down.
An eye for an eye – Gomora Image : 29313
An eye for an eye – GomoraDora begs for her life, while Mazet and Zibuko make her dig her grave. They arrive just as Stompie and Sbonga try to save her.
Mazet and Zibuko’s reign of terror – Gomora Image : 29312
Mazet and Zibuko’s reign of terror – GomoraPretty refuses to go along with Sbonga’s idea of learning how to use guns in preparation to fight Mazet and Zubuko, who later demand all the money made by the workshop from Stompie.
The biggest scammers – #BestOf2022 Image : 29301
The biggest scammers – #BestOf2022If it wasn’t Andile, it was Skhumbuzo or The Queen’s Londiwe scamming innocent people of their money or possessions.
Ntokozo and Sizwe fancy the same girl – Gomora Image : 29297
Ntokozo and Sizwe fancy the same girl – GomoraNtokozo makes a move on a customer at the car wash, but Sizwe seems to have his eye on her as well. She later returns to chat to Sizwe and Ntokozo interrups.
Thathi’s baby is missing – Gomora Image : 29284
Thathi’s baby is missing – GomoraMaMbhele arrives at Mam’Sonto’s workshop with what seems to be a lead of Thathi’s whereabouts. Mabuyase, Stompie, Mam’Sonto and MaMbhele arrive to find Thathi in a state and Mam’Sonto vows to deal with Mazet.
A girl with a nasty plan  – Gomora Image : 29274
A girl with a nasty plan – GomoraMaZet and Zibuko execute their plan to steal Thati's child.
Thathi’s unborn baby is in danger – Gomora Image : 29266
Thathi’s unborn baby is in danger – GomoraMaMbhele prays for Thathi before she is taken away to a facility. Mazet and Zibuko come up with a plan to steal Thathi’s baby.
Mam’Sonto must die – Gomora Image : 29262
Mam’Sonto must die – GomoraZibuko suggest that they kill Mam’Sonto. Thathi tries to talk sense into Mam’Sonto about Mazet, but Mam’Sonto is not interested. Zibuko learns that he was the target in the failed hijacking.
Sbonga is overprotective of Tshiamo – Gomora Image : 29250
Sbonga is overprotective of Tshiamo – GomoraSbonga insists on driving a reluctant Tshiamo to school. Tshiamo gets Teddy and DJ Ora to pretend they are dating, just to get Sbonga to back off but it turns into a big misunderstanding.
Mazet wants to avenge her mother’s death – Gomora Image : 29244
Mazet wants to avenge her mother’s death – GomoraSbonga gets the wrong end of the stick and chases Teddy out of Mam’Sonto’s house. Mazet and Zibuko go back and forth trying to put the pieces of her past together.
Miss Biyela is drinking again Image : 29237
Miss Biyela is drinking againMiss Biyela is livid when she finds Zaza and her classmates fooling around with her water bottle. Zodwa is concerned about Miss Biyela and speaks to her, but Miss Biyela almost bites her head off.
Did you kill my mother – Gomora Image : 29217
Did you kill my mother – GomoraZibuko and Mazet learn that Mam’Sonto killed Lulama. She further confronts Mam’Sonto, demanding to know the truth.
Zaza and Sizwe plan to cheat in the exam – Gomora Image : 29199
Zaza and Sizwe plan to cheat in the exam – GomoraTshiamo changes teams, leaving Sizwe and Zaza. Zaza suggests they buy past papers from Scara for R500.
Mam’Sonto is one step ahead – Gomora Image : 29198
Mam’Sonto is one step ahead – GomoraPretty refuses to listen to Sbonga when he tells her what he heard from MaMbhele. Mam’Sonto stops Mazet and Zibuko from digging into her past.
Gladys to the rescue – Gomora Image : 29169
Gladys to the rescue – GomoraOld wounds are opened, as Zaza opens up to her aunt and Gladys. Her aunt apologises for all the things she has put her through.
Zibuko’s side gigs cause problems for Mam’Sonto – Gomora

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Ingredients of a happy marriage – Gomora

The happily married couple, Thathi and Phumlani Ndaba unpack some of the things that make a marriage work.
Ingredients of a happy marriage – Gomora Image : 26612

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