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September teasers – Gomora

01 September 2021
There’s more drama coming up this month.

1 September 2021 Episode 93 

Mazet brings in a secret weapon to get rid of Don. Don and Zodwa share an intimate moment. Thathi arrives for a very awkward dinner at the Dlaminis.


2 September 2021 Episode 94 

Sparks fly between Zodwa and Don and they grow even more intense. Ntokozo demands an apology from Thathi for Miss Hlungwani. Gladys is guilt-ridden when Thathi mentions Langa’s death.


3 September 2021 Episode 95 

Gladys makes a shocking confession to Ntokozo. Zodwa finds herself thinking of Don while she’s with Bongani. The Molefe family waits for Don’s lease while gearing up to evict him.


6 September 2021 Episode 96 

Ntokozo does the unthinkable and Thathi is onto Gladys’s game. Don becomes territorial over Zodwa, while Bongani gives Zodwa an ultimatum.


7 September 2021 Episode 97 

Zodwa is forced to confront her feelings for Don. Thathi is suspicious about why Ntokozo and Gladys are so forgiving. Mazet tries to find a way to bring down the chop-shop.


8 September 2021 Episode 98 

Bongani confronts Don. Melusi struggles to keep his promise to Gladys.


9 September 2021 Episode 99 

A private message between Melusi and Thathi falls in the wrong hands. Don prepares for Bongani’s grave.


10 September 2021 Episode 100 

After continuously standing Thathi up, Melusi gets a shock of his life from Gladys. Don gives Bongani an impossible ultimatum.Meanwhile, Ntokozo makes it difficult for Melusi to cheat.


13 September 2021 Episode 101 

Melusi breaks up with Thathi. A heartbroken Bongani breaks up with Zodwa. Don gives his crew the last commands as they leave for another heist.


14 September 2021 Episode 102 

When his loved one goes missing, Don sets out to go find them. Ntokozo covers for Melusi when trouble comes knocking. Buhle takes matters into her own hands.


15 September 2021 Episode 103 

Don tries to get through to Zodwa but she wants nothing to do with him. Melusi and Thathi try to come to terms with their separation. Mazet tries to figure out a way to get rid of Don.


16 September 2021 Episode 104 

Don scrambles to get his family back and Zodwa pulls a move that shocks him. Thathi announces her plans to her family but Don’s announcement trumps hers much to everyone’s shock. 


17 September 2021 Episode 105 

The Molefe family is shocked to find that the newest arrival in their home is there to stay. Teddy is conflicted about how to feel about his father.


20 September 2021 Episode 106 

A guilt-ridden Gladys tells Melusi she has a confession to make while Mazet continues to plot to get rid of Don. 


21 September 2021 Episode 107 

Teddy and Sibongile struggle to come to terms with Don’s absence. Ntokozo advises Gladys to not tell Melusi the truth. Mazet and Bongani plot Don’s downfall.


22 September 2021 Episode 108 

Mazet fails to bring Don down. Thathi organizes a pageant. Bongani asks Zodwa to stay away from him.


23 September 2021 Episode 109 

Gladys offers to be Thathi’s helper. Don plays hide and seek and Bongani’s days are numbered.


24 September 2021 Episode 110 

Melusi overhears something that’s going to make him look at his wife differently. Don learns that his children are still struggling to come to terms with his new career path. Bongani chooses his own safety and peace of mind over Zodwa.


27 September 2021 Episode 111 

Melusi throws himself in Thathi’s arms. Zodwa tells the kids that they’ll have to start counting their cents. Melusi goes to the police station.


28 September 2021 Episode 112 

Introducing Don-Donza, the new king of Gomora. One woman cries while the other rejoices as Melusi makes a choice. Zodwa makes the ultimate motherly sacrifice.


29 September 2021 Episode 113 

Melusi struggles to come to terms with Gladys involvement in Langa’s death. Mazet plots to get rid of Don. Miss Hlungwani is suspicious of Thathi’s motives for helping the girls.


30 September 2021 Episode 114 

Don and Mazet continue their game of cat and mouse while his family is divided on what to do with him. The Dlamini household comes undone.


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