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Mam’Sonto walks away scot-free – Gomora

12 May 2021
The state drops all the charges laid against her.
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Sandra Stein has done it, AGAIN! The fierce criminal defence attorney got the state to drop all the charges laid against Mam’Sonto, and she did it in five days of trial! Here’s how:

  1. She discredited witnesses’ testimonies:

You gotta give it to Stein. First, she enlightened the court on how Mam’Sonto contributes positively to the people of #Gomora by employing several people in her various businesses. Then, she created doubt in Pretty’s testimony, bringing into light the state of her relationship with both Thathi and Mam’Sonto, especially after the will saga. Tweeps couldn’t stop laughing at Pretty's messy testimony.      

Sandra further created doubt in Sdumo’s testimony, whom me might add, sang like a canary on the stand. His testimony about how Mam’Sonto orchestrated the Mozambique job and how Mohato mysteriously disappeared thereafter, flew out the window when Sandra convinced the court that Sdumo only testified against Mam’Sonto to save himself from being sentenced to jail for his latest crime.



  1. She punched holes in Jomo’s letter:

When the state pulled out Jomo’s former cellmate, Jeff Nqutu, to confirm all the things Jomo asked him to write on his behalf, Sandra only had one question for him: “Did Jomo mention having proof of all the things he said about Mam’Sonto in the letter?” When Jeff couldn't prove any of the things Jomo had said in the letter, Sandra rested her case on the basis of the fact that all these allegations were based on nothing but hearsay.

Thathi also had a hand in making sure Mam'Sonto stays out of jail. She knows London would do anything for money and that bribe did the trick. Was Sandra not shocked and somehow pleasantly surprised when London suddenly turned everything Advocate Ndzimande said about Mam'Sonto into a huge joke! It was in that moment that Sandra knew it was a wrap, that smile and nod towards Thathi's direction said it all.  

And just like that, all of the charges laid against Mam’Sonto have been dropped and she’s free to go home. However, she may have won in court but the ban on her business remains and judging by the responses of those who were in court during the ruling, we’re not sure how the #Gomora community will react to the outcome of the trial.

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