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June teasers – Gomora

01 June 2021
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1 June 2021 Episode 27 

Gladys threatens to take down Sonto and Mazet overhears her. Ntokozo learns a shocking revelation. Teddy goes on a mission to find out if Don is homeless or not.


2 June 2021 Episode 28 

Sonto’s attempt at helping the community blows up in her face. Zodwa catches Teddy stealing her money. Melusi returns home but he’s given a cold welcome.


3 June 2021 Episode 29

Zodwa discovers that Don is homeless and unemployed. Gladys makes Sonto’s life a living hell. Thathi asks Melusi to keep Gladys out of Sonto’s way or else Langa won’t be allowed to visit him.


4 June 2021 Episode 30 

The fight about Don between Zodwa and Teddy ends in tears for Zodwa. The tension between the Dlamini’s and the Molefe’s is getting too much for everyone involved. Gladys gets a revelation that rocks her world.


7 June 2021 Episode 31 

Teddy gives Zodwa an ultimatum. Ntokozo lies through his teeth, trying to protect himself. Zoliswa is at a loss for words trying to comfort Gladys.


8 June 2021 Episode 32 

Gladys plays her trump card on Ntokozo. Zodwa’s caught between a rock and a hard place. Sonto finds a bit of hope from Langa.


9 June 2021 Episode 33 

Sonto goes head to head with Melusi and Miss Hlungwani over the feeding scheme. Gladys asks the sangoma to call up her brother’s spirit. Don provokes Bongani, and Bongani gives Don a dangerous warning.


10 June 2021 Episode 34 

Gladys discovers something that brings her closer to the truth about Mohato. Tensions continue to grow between the men in Zodwa’s life. 


11 June 2021 Episode 35 

Ntokozo makes a confession that shatters his parents’ world. Don sets a plan in motion that could put Zodwa’s relationship in jeopardy.


14 June 2021 Episode 36 

Gladys and Melusi find comfort in each other after Ntokozo’s unexpected confession. Zodwa feels caught between two men and sets the record straight on her expectations. Sonto and Mazet find out that Ntokozo confessed to his parents.


15 June 2021 Episode 37

Don introduces Teddy and Zodwa to a surprise guest. Ntokozo’s search for his uncle’s body takes a surprising turn. Mazet and Sonto are shamed in front of learners.


16 June 2021 Episode 38 

Gladys is given an ultimatum; apologize to Sonto or be dealt with by the SGB. Zodwa kicks Don and Sibongile out of her shack. The Molefe sisters order Sbonga to deal with Gladys through the SGB.


17 June 2021 Episode 39 

Zodwa wants answers about the past from Don. Ntokozo and Melusi plan to get psychiatric help for Gladys. Sonto is comforted to have her family’s support.


18 June 2021 Episode 40 

Langa decides to live the rest of his life happy not knowing what the universe has in store for him. Zodwa is forced to do something good for Don. Gladys' anger towards Sonto has gone too far.


21 June 2021 Episode 41 

Real men do cry, Melusi breaks down in tears. Everyone is devastated as they wait for feedback on Langa and Gladys’ condition. Zodwa is lost for words when she learns that Sibongile can’t cook but she steps in to teach her.


22 June 2021 Episode 42 

The Molefe’s suspect Sifiso burnt the tavern. A life shattering event changes two families’ lives forever. Two siblings prove that oil and water do not mix.


23 June 2021 Episode 43 

Sonto takes the law into her own hands and tortures Sifiso into confessing. Sibongile takes her jealousy over Don and Teddy spending time together out on Teddy.


24 June 2021 Episode 44 

Sonto finds herself faced with a hard choice and confronted with a new truth about herself. Teddy and Sibongile start to thaw towards each other as they connect over their losses.


25 June 2021 Episode 45 

Sonto, Mazet and Thathi are locked into a confrontation that forces them to re-evaluate their lives. Don is forced to make a decision when he’s reminded of the reality of his new situation. Gladys agrees to a difficult favour.


28 June 2021 Episode 46 

The Molefe’s and Dlamini’s are at odds with one another in their shared grief. Zodwa is confronted with a new set of challenges in her blended family living arrangements.


29 June 2021 Episode 47 

Zodwa and Sibongile are at odds after Sibongile steals from her. Teddy and Ntokozo come up with an idea to honour Langa. Thathi and Melusi struggle to find a compromise.


30 June 2021 Episode 48

Miss Hlungwani catches Zodwa and Don in a screaming match. Gladys steps in to play mediator between the Dlamini’s and Molefe’s.


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