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Hamba kahle Don – Gomora

19 November 2021
Zodwa pulled the trigger, ending Don’s life.
OAE 3671

Thathi, Mazet, Melusi, Ntokozo and Gladys all have a motive, but no one was ever quite ready for  Zodwa to pull the trigger and end Don’s life!

Last night’s incident at the river left Twitter reeling in shock.

Don arrived in #Gomora and literally wreaked havoc in almost everybody’s lives. First, he caused tension between Zodwa and her boyfriend Bongani, forcing Bongani to leave #Gomora for good. How could we forget when he sent his gang to rob Bongani, not once but twice!

Then he forcefully took over Mam’Sonto’s workshop and then “invited” himself to live in her house. How could we forget the time he wanted Mam’Sonto dead and sent Brains to finish her off in hospital after being shot at her workshop by the guys Don had just tried to steal from?  

Many loved to hate Don and have been calling for Mam’Sonto’s return to deal with him once and for all. So, it came as no surprise when quite a number were happy that Zodwa pulled that trigger, ending his life.

However, many came through and appreciated Don, with some noting how he made things interesting in #Gomora.

Despite all the terrible things Don did, his daughter Sibongile still loved him to bits. The burning question is: How will she react when she finds out that Zodwa killed her father?


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