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Celebrating the women behind the scenes – Gomora

31 August 2021
Get to know Head Writer Nthabiseng Dube and Director Nozipho Nkelemba a little more.
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They’re part of the brains behind the story on Mzansi’s most popular telenovela #Gomora, and before we wrap up this Women’s Month, we caught up with Head Writer, Nthabiseng Dube and Director Nosipho Nkelemba who share what Women’s Month means to then and also unpack what’s it’s like being part of the A-Team.


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Women’s Month and of what significance is it to you?

Nthabiseng: Women’s Month reminds me of the struggle of women who came before us and marched to Pretoria to demand equality. To continue fighting for our voices to be heard.   

Nozipho: I think of the women who came before me whose efforts have made it possible for me to be here, free to do what I love.


Who is the most influential woman you know?

Nthabiseng: The most influential woman I know and is in my life is my mother. She shaped me to be the woman I am and to always to believe I am able and fight to achieve to my best while I stay grounded. 

Nozipho: I don’t think there’s just one. I have several names on that list.


As a head writer on Mzansi most popular telenovela, what are some of the challenges you’ve come across, and how have you overcome them?

Nthabiseng: It’s lessons more than challenges. We have learned to work in the challenging times of COVID-19 to be able to deliver and finish the day and to also work as a team. It’s not a one man show. We are stronger together and everyone carries so much weight for us to get the show in the bag. From our drivers to all our supporting staff. It's a team! Also perfecting the art of storytelling to remain in our viewer’s mind. 

Nozipho: Making film and TV is all about problem solving and I think that’s an ongoing thing that never ends because there are lots of challenges that to be overcome. Technical challenges, performance challenges and production too and my work is affected by all those factors. Every day is a chance to do better.


What are some of the misconceptions you’ve heard about  women in leading positions?

Nthabiseng: That we are emotional and can never make up our mind. Not being to make our points clearly and precisely. 

Nozipho: That directing is a technical job so, better a man as a director over a woman because we are emotional, when in actual fact attention to detail is very important as a director.


What are the Top 5 local shows every woman can watch this Women’s Month?

Nthabiseng: I don't have specifics but I enjoy watching all shows because I learn every day. One show I really enjoyed was The Crown - The story tellingus, the usage of camera, lighting and locations. Also, When they see us - The history of the story and what a long journey we will still have ahead of us as people of color. Once we're warriors - The pain of abuse and authentic culture. Lastly, The Joker – The acting and emotions that are beautifully portrayed.    

Nozipho: Gomora, of course!


What can women do more to uplift each other?

Nthabiseng: We can do more by uplifting each other by bringing each other at the table and learning to work together without being spiteful. 

Nozipho: Complimenting each other and giving positive feedback.  


Here’s to all the amazing women of Mzansi!