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August teasers – Gomora

02 August 2021
See all the drama that's in store for you this month.
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2 August 2021 - Episode 71 

Don, London, Sdumo and Brian are rattled when London tells them Gladys Dlamini was in the car, but they all try and downplay the situation. Zodwa and Gladys have a heart to heart. Melusi is exhilarated when Gladys tells him of her decision.


3 August 2021 - Episode 72 

Melusi drops a bombshell on Thathi. Cracks start to show in Sonto and Mazet’s relationship as Mazet wants to return to her old life.


4 August 2021 - Episode 73

Gladys presents Melusi with an impossible decision to make. Don and London lock horns over Mazet.


5 August 2021 - Episode 74

Melusi’s world tips this way and as he struggles to juggle two women. Winds are changing in the criminal world of Gomora and Zodwa starts to see Don in a bit of a different light.


6 August 2021 - Episode 75 

London’s arrogance lands him in a mess that could affect the entire crew. Thathi finds herself revealing a delicate secret to Pretty and Don’s charm wins him a favour.


9 August 2021 - Episode 76 

Things quickly spiral after London’s arrest and some tough decisions have to be made amongst the syndicate. Melusi feels the pressure of living a double life. Zodwa finds herself making Don a lunchbox like a doting wife.


10 August 2021 - Episode 77 

Melusi is at crossroads about his relationship with Thathi. Don makes big plans for him and the gang. Simphiwe makes a move on Sibongile and she gives him the cold shoulder.


11 August 2021 - Episode 78 

Gladys learns she has a serious pregnancy related condition. London crosses the line with Don when he talks to Sibongile. Melusi breaks up with Thathi.


12 August 2021 - Episode 79 

Thathi goes to Melusi to beg for love back but is saved by a suspicious Miss Hlungwani. Mazet tries to kiss Don but again he pulls away, leaving Mazet very frustrated. Zodwa is concerned that Don might have a new woman in his life.


13 August 2021 - Episode 80 

Sibongile humiliates London in front of school kids and as payback he threatens her. Don makes Mazet question her sex appeal. Melusi finally puts his affair with Thathi behind him.


16 August 2021 - Episode 81 

Don thwarts and shoots London. Ntokozo overhears Melusi breaking up with Thathi. A drunk Miss Hlungwani points fingers at Thathi.


17 August 2021 - Episode 82 

Ntokozo proves to be a thorn by Melusi’s side. Don inadvertently becomes the number one tsotsi in Gomora. One pretty female doesn’t take too kindly to being rejected.


18 August 2021 - Episode 83 

Melusi forces Miss Hlungwani to apologise for the wild accusations she made. Ntokozo and Teddy find proof of Melusi’s affair. London starts to plot against Don.


19 August 2021 - Episode 84 

Don’s business life takes two major hits unbeknownst to him. Ntokozo makes a startling discovery. Zodwa worries when Sibongile tears up before school.


20 August 2021 - Episode 85 

The tension between Mazet and Don boils over and ends in a deadly threat. Ntokozo gets the last piece of proof that he’s been looking for but it could destroy his family.


23 August 2021 - Episode 86 

Ntokozo’s ill-tempered behaviour both at home and at school raises concern with his family to find out what’s wrong with him. Don discovers that he can’t trust some people in his crew when the unexpected happens.


24 August 2021 - Episode 87 

Officer Nabe tries to get to the bottom of Sonto being shot. Gladys deals with the woman Melusi is cheating with. Don lies to Zodwa about the shooting.


25 August 2021 - Episode 88 

Gladys discovers the worst. Sonto falls into a coma and Mazet confronts Don.


26 August 2021 - Episode 89 

Could the Dlamini’s be headed for Divorce Ville? It’s the battle of a King and a Queen’s head as two kill cards gets issued.


27 August 2021 - Episode 90 

Thathi is forced to do some introspection as Gladys decisively deals with Melusi’s cheating. Sonto’s life is in Brians’ hands. Sibongile struggles to deal with what happened to her.


30 August 2021 - Episode 91

Gladys tells Thathi that she has forgiven her and tells Melusi that they’ll be no divorce. Don is triumphant as Officer Nabe reprimands Thathi, Mazet and Pretty for failing to give him tangible evidence that Don is a criminal. Bongani is startled when he finds Don waiting for him at the Shisanyama.


31 August 2021 - Episode 92 

Gladys makes a bizarre suggestion. Don decides it’s time to make his presence felt in Gomora. One family says goodbye to their loved one.


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