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5 red flags about Phumlani – Gomora

20 January 2022
All his moves seem so calculated.
Gomora S2 Phumlani

Phumlani Ndaba came out from nowhere and literally charmed his way into Thathi’s heart within a short space of time. It’s wedding vibes now left, right and centre, but we can’t help but notice these five troubling things about him:    

He is mysterious:

Truth is, very little is known about him. All we know is he’s Mbongeni Ndaba’s brother. Where he was before arriving in #Gomora, what he does for a living, what his intentions are with this whole marriage to Thathi, are all a mystery!

He is dangerous:

He once ordered a hit on Dr Molamu, after finding him having a conversation with Thathi about Mazet’s condition. Did we mention he also ordered a hit on Melusi Dlamini, not once but twice!? If this doesn’t say he’s dangerous, then we don’t know what does!

He has hidden agenda:

Who is that person he keeps calling and giving updates on the progress he’s made with Thathi? It all sounds calculated, like he has something to gain from marrying Thathi.

He has stalker tendencies:

Remember that time he walked in on Thathi and Dr Molamu discussing about Mazet’s condition? Why did he hide? Also, why did he hide when he walked in on Thathi and Melusi having a discussion at the tavern? It’s like everywhere Thathi goes, he’s there.

He is impatient:

Just when Thathi was still enjoying the moment of being engaged, Phumlani dropped a bombshell and asked that they move up the wedding to the following day! Why the rush?  

The Molefe’s have given them their blessing, after all, Phumlani could do nothing in their eyes. Should Thathi trust her instincts and get to know him better?


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