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The fatal end – eHostela Image : 22665
Saving Sthandwa...again – eHostela Image : 22655
Saving Sthandwa...again – eHostelaMndeni is lured into a trap in his quest to save Sthandwa but will he make it out alive?
Vovo is alive– eHostela Image : 22616
Vovo is alive– eHostelaJust when Celemba is ready to kill Mndeni for his betrayal when working with MaSkhakhane to take down the brotherhood, Vovo comes to save him and the men think he is a ghost.
Mndeni kills Vovo – eHostela Image : 22571
Mndeni kills Vovo – eHostelaVovo signs his death certificate when he disrespects Celemba in front of the brotherhood, but just as Celemba is about to kill him for his transgressions, Mndeni makes the fatal shot.
It's a yes! – eHostela Image : 22528
It's a yes! – eHostelaMndeni finally lays his heart out for Sthandwa and she tells him she feels the same way only for her husband to come in and ruin their honeymoon phase.
Just give me one day – eHostela Image : 22507
Just give me one day – eHostelaMndeni confesses to Vovo that he is the snitch and asks for one day to kill Ma'Skhakhane before being killed himself.
Are you the informant – eHostela Image : 22478
Are you the informant – eHostelaAfter 2Litre and Vovo accuse Fish of being the informant, 2Litre figures out that Ma'Skhakhane is the informant but it is all to his death. -- Visit Mzansi Magic https://bit.ly/MzansiMagic Watch more series and movies on Showmax, start your 14-day free trial here: https://bit.ly/36PFSr0 Watch Mzansi shows on DStv Catchup: http://bit.ly/DStvCatchup Follow Mzansi Magic Here: Twitter: https://twitter.com/mzansimagic Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mzansimagic Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mzansimagic/
A deal is a deal – eHostela Image : 22424
A deal is a deal – eHostelaCelemba makes peace with his nephew, but Mndeni is trapped in a deal with MaSkhakhane to bring his uncle down.
You are my uncle – eHostela Image : 22420
You are my uncle – eHostelaMndeni is shocked to learn that Celemba is his uncle when an old family photo resurfaces.
Brothers in arms – eHostela Image : 22357
Brothers in arms – eHostelaMndeni helps Celemba reclaim guns that were confiscated by police through a risky mission to the police station with the brothers.
A snitch in the brotherhood – eHostela Image : 22350
A snitch in the brotherhood – eHostelaThe brotherhood turns on each other when they learn that there is a snitch in the hostel informing the police.
Welcome Mndeni – eHostela Image : 22351
Welcome Mndeni – eHostelaTwo Litre is thrilled to see Mndeni in Joburg and introduces him to brotherhood leader Celembe. however Mndeni is wary of creating debts he will have to pay in future.
Jama kills Mndeni – eHostela Image : 19133
Jama kills Mndeni – eHostelaJama and his mother pin Mancinza's death on Mndeni and he is killed.
Kill the love in my heart – eHostela Image : 20248
Kill the love in my heart – eHostelaKhethiwe tells Mndeni to kill the love in her heart that she has for him while Juba and Jama want him dead.
Jama kills Khethiwe – eHostela Image : 20265
Jama kills Khethiwe – eHostelaKhethiwe goes looking for Juba and lands up in the heart of Jama's wrath.
Assasinate Jama and Mndeni lives! – eHostela Image : 20272
Assasinate Jama and Mndeni lives! – eHostelaThe brotherhood plans to assassinate Jama and Mndeni is found alive.
An eye for an eye – eHostela Image : 20258
An eye for an eye – eHostelaMndeni interrupts an intense moment with guns blazing to spook out his brother Jama who thought he was dead.
Another wedding for Khethumndeni – eHostela Image : 20280
Another wedding for Khethumndeni – eHostelaKhethiwe and Mndeni take their vows again in a beautiful intimate ceremony.
Will Jama kill his mother? – eHostela Image : 20260
Will Jama kill his mother? – eHostelaMndeni fights Jama after finding out he killed Mancinza only for Jama to also turn on his mother.
Idelakufa – eHostela Image : 20290
Idelakufa – eHostelaWith the help of amadelakufa, Mndeni ends Jama's reign of terror .
To kill my father – eHostela Image : 20299
To kill my father – eHostelaMdeni's proposal backfires. Jama kills his father after discovering his father is eyeing someone else to led amadelakufa after him.
I know you killed him – eHostela Image : 20308
I know you killed him – eHostelaFikile tells Jama that she knows he killed his father and she'll support him.
KhethuMndeni – eHostela Image : 20317
KhethuMndeni – eHostelaMndeni realizes that he has killed the father of the girl of his dreams after making a big win together with her at a musical festival.
Mndeni arrested at his wedding – eHostela Image : 20326
Mndeni arrested at his wedding – eHostelaJust as Mndeni and Khethiwe are man and wife, he is arrested for killing her father.
The fatal end – eHostela

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