Kuyashisa eHostela

04 July 2022
eHostela season three started with a bang and viewers are already feeling the heat.
ehostela season 3 reaction article

It’s a new season, new cast and new storyline on eHostela season three, but viewers can expect the same drama, intrigue and action that has kept them glued to their screens during previous seasons.

This season kubambene ingwe nengonyama as KaMabizela, a widow after the love of her life was murdered by Ngwadi, will go head-to-head with her husband’s killer to get justice. To describe the showdown between these two forces as a war, could be an understatement as things will become intense and both KaMabizela and Ngwadi will have to reach into the darkest parts of their souls to get victory. Get to know KaMabizela: 

Mzansi viewers can already tell that this season is going to be electric and fiery all at once. The action and suspense around the first heist and explosion already has them on their toes, and the budding love story between Zanele and S’motoza is making everyone all warm and fuzzy inside. Get to know S'motoza here: 

Episode one of eHostela left viewers wanting more, and ready to see how the new cast they have fallen in love with will bring this story to life. Award-winning actor Siyabonga Thwala is a firm favourite with viewers while Gcina Nkosi and Tony Kgoroge are highly acclaimed by industry and viewers. The first episode is just a teaser of the what is to come in this 13-part thrilling drama, but it is safe to say the Mzansi audience is enjoying izandle ezifudumele of the new cast and new storyline.