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That Mndeni and Sthandwa love – eHostela

08 March 2021
In a one-man-mission accomplished, Mndeni saved Sthandwa and Mzansi peeps are here for it.
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We all know by now that when Mndeni loves, he loves with his heart and soul. So it was only a matter of time before he risked it all to save Sthandwa after she was taken by the man she had been married off to.

He fought tooth and nail, fist and gun to release her from the hideout she had been taken to and as they drove off into the sunset, Mzansi Magic viewers were left gushing.

Time will tell if their love will last given the odds stacked against them: Mndeni was working with MaSkhakhane and co-informant to take down the Delakane brotherhood and to top it all off, MaSkhaskhane is Sthandwa’s mother.

Mndeni always falls for forbidden love but we are hoping this time it will not end in tears and he will finally get his happy ending:

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Do you think Mndeni is ready for love with Sthandwa? Or maybe you are wondering Why eHostela has got us on edge.