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Mzansi Wethu’s newest reality show is Mastende

12 October 2023
It is an interventionist adventure where tenants and landlords challenge their rental relationship

Rental disputes are about to get a whole lot more interesting in Mzansi Wethu's latest reality show Mastende, which follows landlord-tenant relationships – with each episode highlighting a different challenge and solution. Airing from Friday, 13 October at 18:30 on DStv channel 163, brace yourselves for a riveting experience through rental rifts.

In a country where renting is as common as a sunny day, disputes between landlords and tenants have become the stuff of legend and sometimes, the heart of community gossip. But what happens when you factor in the weight of the Rental Housing Act and a dash of legal expertise? You get a fascinating, intense, and relatable concoction called Mastende.

Mastende isn’t just your regular reality show. Think of it as an interventionist adventure where tenants and landlords challenge their rental relationship. It starts with an emotional complaint, evolves into a confrontation, and culminates in a legal verdict. Hosted by comedian and actor TE Matila aka ‘Stopnonsons’, Mastende is your direct route to both sides of every rental story – raw, unfiltered, and very relatable.

And when all is said and done? We aren’t just serving you drama on a silver platter – we are dishing out real, actionable solutions. This isn't just about watching; it’s about learning and growing. It’s the show you didn’t know you needed until now.

Shirley Adonisi, director of local entertainment channels, says: “With Mastende, we are not just tapping into compelling stories, we are creating a bridge of understanding. It’s interesting, it’s real, and it’s reflective of our very own communities. Trust us, you won't want to miss out on this emotional account of rental relationships."

Produced by Tribal Media House, Mastende mirrors our everyday lives, presenting real stories, real confrontations, and real solutions. Join this exciting show every Friday at 18:30, exclusively on Mzansi Wethu DStv channel 163 – premiering on Friday 13 October.

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