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Zola’s reign of terror – DiepCity

14 September 2021
Who knew that the charming lady at the bar could be so evil?
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It’s the biggest blindside in DiepCity. Zola came in like a beautiful angel just sitting at Maureen’s tavern enjoying a drink, she was even dressed in white. But ever since those first moments, no one has more blood stains on her clothes than Zola.

Who could have seen it coming? We were just as dazzled and charmed by her beauty as Mgedeza was. Had we been in DiepCity, we might have also offered to buy her drink on that day as he did.

Maybe, that is Zola’s super power: Outside of her ability to handle and quickly use a gun, her impatience with incompetence, her can-do impulsive attitude and killer instincts; she wraps you up in her manicured fingers, tailored clothes and what we assume is a cloud of expensive perfume and before it’s too late, her claws and fangs have sunk into you.

Mgedeza was her first target. She fluttered her eyelashes and wooed him. Being the eager prey he was, it was not long before he thought he could play a player and even take her seat as godmother. Before long, his wife and nephew were paying the price. Now he has to work backwards to take out the toughest gangster in DiepCity and she is already steps ahead.

Who could have seen or known what Zola is capable of? Someone didn’t do their homework on the streets. She attempted to kill Smanga in broad daylight in front of the love of his life, Lerato and didn’t bat an eyelid or think about the consequences if someone called the police. Luckily, he made it out alive by the skin on his back.

Her latest target may not be so lucky, as Khumo has shown. She meant to hurt Mgedeza and instead left Khumo in a coma. We can only hope she has decided to slow down her killing spree.

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