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Wrong Turn means Sisterhood – DiepCity

30 August 2021
One thing the Wrong Turns get right, is sticking together.
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It’s their group motto, “We fall together, we rise together” and Nox, Sne, Lerato and Asa truly mean from business to jail to the grave.

When Nox first went to jail for housebreaking, the Wrong Turns didn’t get it quite right when they left her there crying for her murdered brother. However, transparency is also a group value and they opened up to each other about it and forgave each other.

Since then, the crew has been inseparable and supported each other through the worst.

When Nox’s sister was kidnapped and the loan shark her mother had borrowed money from wanted his money, the Wrong Turns helped organize a car wash to help raise the money.

They even went as far as risking their freedom by doing another housebreaking job for Mgedeza to make money.

When Fistos was threatening and abusing Sne, the Wrong Turns organized the entire community to help fight for her. When she mistakenly shot him dead, they were once again the ones who helped her stay out of jail.

When Lerato lost the love of her life, Smanga in a shooting with Zola, the Wrong Turns were by her side comforting her.

However, it is not just in crime and bad times that they are there for each other. When they found R500 000 oin one of their heist jobs, they were fair in sharing and hiding it together. 

We may not condone their actions but one thing the Wrong Turns get right is sisterhood.

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