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Which DiepCity Queen are you most like?

12 January 2022
The first three DiepCity ladies you see in the word search are who you are most like. Now get to know them... and yourself better.
diepcity queens word search

Who you spooted and what they are like: 


One thing about Mary, she will make a plan; whether it's to collect lobola for someone she met two days ago or branchng off her 20% shisanyama shareholding into a an entire catering company in minutes. If you're like Mary, you're a hustler and you make a plan, standard. 


DiepCity's it girl! Need we say more? Khelina is the conversation starter, the rainmaker and the queen of DiepCity. If you're like her, then you're a big and unforgettable personality.


The good girl gone bad and then gone good again. Will she be bad again? Asanda is a mystery and a combination of contradictions, and so are you. 


An open book, loud, proud, confident and ready for anything. If you're anything like Lerato you hold space confidently and those less confident may feel intimidated by you. 


The nurterer and the fighter. Just becasue you have a soft spot for some people, does not mean people can walk all over you. 


The leader and the visionary. People may not always understand your vision and plans, just like Nox, but you stick to your guns and have them praising you at the end. 


The jury is still out on Helen but one thing we know is she loves money. So if you're like her, you love the zekethes too. But then again, who doesn't? 


That old saying "Mosadi o tshwara thipa ka bohaleng" was speaking about Momo and you. A home builder through thickness and thin but not without her own demons and secrets. 


You like your things a certain way and are uncompromising on that. 

There's a bit of the #DiepCity queens in everyone so to see more of your favs, tune in every Mondy to Friday at 20:30.