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Welcome Baby EJ – DiepCity

25 January 2022
He almost didn’t make it but Momo’s son is a fighter

The first few seconds after Mgedeza had delivered Momo of her son EJ were the longest for the parents and viewers. Baby EJ did not make a single sound and appeared to be not breathing.

It was evident that Mgedeza;s heart had sunk to the pits of his stomach and Momo was confused and shattered thinking the child they had patiently waited 8 months for was stillborn.

Mgedeza the Gabhadiya surprised us, we didn’t expect him to be able to deliver a baby, especially considering how confused he seemed to be during their antenatal classes. However, he took over a difficult situation and delivered his son with confidence and fatherly love. Unfortunately, his skills were limited to delivering the baby, making sure the baby takes his first breath proved to be a challenge.

That was until Mehlo walked in having made another blunder, on top of leaving the car’s petrol tank empty, and Mgedeza had to shout at him with his classic impatience. It was not long before our new Diepcity member was wailing at the sound of daddy’s voice. Not even his clan names woke him up!

The Mgedezas are very excited about the arrival of EJ but no one was as pleased as Mzansi viewers to see the newborn is alive. Some had already shed a tear for the baby.

All we can say is “Welcome Baby EJ” and stay tuned to #DiepCity every Monday to Friday at 20:30 to see more of the cute bundle of joy.