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We are [finally] family – DiepCity

27 October 2021
The Jele’s have taken the scenic route to forgiveness, peace and love but we are here for it anyway.
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It is no small feat that the Jele family is finally together, happy and strong again. These are scenes that have never been experienced before since even before Sbusiso’s untimely death.

It did not come easily though. Bonga fought tooth and nail and even left his marital home just to keep his home together. Thandi’s unreasonable and unwarranted hatred of her daughter, Nox was driving a deep wedge in her family and drove her husband out of the house. No one could stand the accusation, the insults and discouragement Thandi consistently hurled at Nox anytime she had a bad day or did not get her way.

Thandi’s feelings may be misplaced but they are not incorrect. She has every right to mourn the death of her son, Sbusiso and as a mother the pain is likely to stay with her forever. However, taking out this anger and pain of losing Sbusiso out on Nox nearly cost Thandi her family as Bonga threatened divorce and finding a new place for him and the girls to live. And we all know the girls would have followed their father.

The Jele’s are one of the few unbroken families in DiepCity and we love to see the respect, affection, and happiness they share with each other in such a tough city.

But has Thandi truly changed and stopped all ill-feeling towards Nox? We were all doubtful at first but the way she handled Nox telling her how she could not afford a R40000 tombstone for Sbusiso’s grave leads us to believe that change has come. Thandi was calm and encouraged her daughter not to spend more than she could afford. Can we say best mom ever? Okay, maybe too soon.

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