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Trying to balance DiepCity

08 November 2021
Asanda is trying by all means to hang on to everything, but will she lose it all in the end?

There seems to be no peace in DiepCity’s favourite church unless pastor Charles gets his way. Recently, Asanda and the Wrong Turn’s workshop has gained not only customers but also attention from investors. A wonderful development from the business that has kept the girls, especially Asanda as accountant, on their feet.

Asanda is struggling to maintain the work-life balance. On one hand, she is basically the chief financial officer of a fast-growing start-up and on the other she is a pastor’s wife to a man who leads a small but growing church.

Pastor Charles’ ambition when it comes to his church is evident for everyone to see. He even went as far as branding himself the funeral pastor to gain money and followers. When it comes to Asanda’s career and ambition, he has not been as supportive lately. Could it be jealousy or genuine concern that he is losing the woman he fell in love with and thought he would build a church and life with?

He has Asanda questioning her commitment to God and the church and often uses her past life to silently but effectively blackmail her into doing what he wants. She can never seem to please him and on the other hand, she is trying to force her friends to go to church.

If she cannot please her husband, her friends nor herself, who will Asanda have left?

Kunzima, ku-tough, ku-tricky, ku-wow!

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